Free Comic Book Day Review: The New 52: Future’s End #0


Jump on board DC Comics’ epic weekly series beginning with this all-new FCBD issue that features tomorrow’s Dark Knight, Batman Beyond (making his first appearance in The New 52), battling an army of cyborgs to avert an Apocalypse in the future which could destroy the DC Universe of the present! But that’s not all; there are still more surprises to come.

futures endThe end of everything begins today in DC’s Free Comic Book Day issue, The New 52: Future’s End #0. The prequel to the new weekly series kicking off this coming Wednesday is written by Brian Azzarello with art by Ethan Van Sciver. There has been a lot of hype surrounding Future’s End, but how does the opening salvo measure up?

35 years from now the DC Universe is complete and utter hell. Something has happened and Brother Eye is in control of everything. There are very few heroes left. The majority have been converted into robotic-like monstrosities that seek out the few survivors left to convert into Brother Eye’s goons. The Flash, Captain Cold, Batman, and Batman Beyond are the last real bastions of hope. With one longshot plan left, it’s an all or nothing situation. Batman is going back in time to kill someone to keep this all from happening, but things get complicated as the machine powers up. Who lives? Who dies? Who do they have to kill to stop this nightmare from happening?

Azzrello writes a good prequel/teaser trailer for Future’s End. We get the briefest of rundowns about the horrific future, but it’s more than enough to give us an idea of what’s going on. We immediately know how big the stakes are. This is an opening shot that gets its hooks into you and makes you want to know what happens next. Ethan Van Sciver’s art really gets things going in style. There are a team of writers and artists working on the weekly series, but the Brother Eye controlled heroes are utterly horrific and nightmarish. The future is bad, but the look of it is worse.

Bottom Line: Future’s End does exactly what it needs to do. Big events like this usually open in big, explosive ways, but we’ll know how good of a series this can be when #1 hits this Wednesday. You can definitely color me intrigued though.

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