Frank Darabont Says Thomas Jane Was Almost Rick Grimes


darabontIt seems like there are countless ‘what if’ stories when it comes to comic book movies and TV shows. When a new one pops up, its usually along the lines of a discarded script or an actor/actress passing on a role. This Walking Dead story falls in the latter category. At a special Q&Q following the Hero Complex Film Festival screening of The Mist, Frank Darabont and Thomas Jane fielded a few questions from the audience. Darabont, who developed, executive produced, and directed episodes of The Walking Dead, was answering a question when he went off in a slight tangent revealing Thomas Jane was pretty close to being Rick Grimes. We’ve heard a little about that possibility in the past, but I believe this is the first time the two men have been together to talk about it.

Darabont was asked about the similarities in tone between The Mist and The Walking Dead. He answered the question by talking about some of his other projects like The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile being similar situations. As he discussed how he went about making two seemingly similar things different, he revealed that The Mist and Walking Dead was almost very similar because Thomas Jane was his choice for the lead role on that project as well- Rick Grimes. Jane had helped bring the series to HBO‘s attention and told them he wanted to be a part of it. At that time he was working with HBO doing the series Hung. That was a problem, but Jane told the network he wanted to do both. As we know, HBO passed on Walking Dead because they thought it was ‘too graphic.’ Darabont does go on to praise Andrew Lincoln and how perfect he was for the part though. Jane jokes that if it would have worked out for him, he’d still have a job. You can check out the full video (which I highly recommend so you can see Jane goes full Al Bundy as he sits with a half buttoned shirt and his hand planted down his pants) by clicking here. Would you have liked Jane as Rick Grimes? What do you think the series would be like if he was involved?

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Source : Hero Complex