Fox Hints At A New Mutants Movie

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Marvel is riding high with the slew of movies they have coming out (Avengers May 4!) and the stuff we’ve heard teased, but don’t forget that Fox owns some of the characters from the Marvel Universe. X-Men and Wolverine to name only two. We know that a First Class sequel and another Wolverine movie are well underway, but Fox is now hinting another superhero team may be coming to the big screen sometime soon.

Collider had a chance to talk to Fox CEO Tom Rothman at CinemaCon about what could be coming down the pipeline for Fox’s next attempt to develop a new superhero film franchise.

I know you guys have New Mutants and a lot of characters in the X-Men universe. Obviously you guys are moving forward on an X-Men sequel, you’re moving forward on Wolverine, do you envision New Mutants or some of these other characters as franchises that the door can be open to? It does seem to me that the superhero genre is bigger than it’s ever been, and you guys have some of the crown jewels.

Rothman: (smiles) Yes.

When can fans expect an announcement on some of these other properties? Before Comic-Con, after Comic-Con, at Comic-Con?

Rothman: In the summer.

Are you talking to filmmakers right now?

Rothman: Let me just say this. All I have to say is, I agree with you in your assessment of the potential in a lot of these characters.

Well, it seems we’ll be hearing something pretty soon. Collider stated that Rothman was all smiles when New Mutants was brought up, and all but confirmed an announcement was coming. If you notice, he said this summer and by the tone it seems it will be before Comic-Con. We’ll have to keep our ear to the ground and wait for the official announcement.

And just in case you aren’t familiar with the New Mutants, here is the ever reliable Wikipedia with a brief rundown of what it is:

The New Mutants are a group of teenaged mutant superheroes-in-training published by Marvel Comics. They have been the main characters of three successive comic book series, which were spin-offs of the popular X-Men franchise.

The first team of New Mutants characters was created by Chris Claremont (long-time writer of Uncanny X-Men) and artist Bob McLeod; although the concept for a “X-Men-in-training team” was originated by Uncanny X-Men artist John Byrne in a letter he wrote to Claremont in 1978. They first appeared in 1982’s Marvel Graphic Novel #4 and were subsequently featured in their own title from 1983 until 1991. Also, like its parent title, The New Mutants highlighted interpersonal and group conflict as well as action and adventure, and featured a large ensemble cast. With the end of the first series, the characters were relaunched as X-Force in a new, eponymous series.

The second New Mutants series, launched in 2003, featured a new group of teenage mutants; but unlike the original New Mutants, they were only part of a huge cast of students at the Xavier Institute. At first, they were notable for their drive to become superheroes, but soon rival internal groups played a large role in the series. In 2004, it was relaunched as New X-Men: Academy X, after which the central group was formally dubbed the “New Mutants.” In the aftermath of the “M-Day” crossover storyline in late 2005, the remaining students were merged into one junior team, the New X-Men.

The third New Mutants series, reuniting most of the original team, launched in May 2009.

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