First THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Trailer Coming Soon; Paul Giamatti Talks Rhino Suit


spider-man bannerThe Amazing Spider-Man 2 is one of those movies we’ve been hearing about in stops and starts. We’ll hear from Jamie Foxx or Paul Giamatti about being villains, then things will go quite for a few weeks. It seems like we’re going to start hearing a lot more about Marc Webb‘s sequel soon. The date for the first trailer has been announced and once again Paul Giamatti teases us about his Rhino suit.

We’ve heard that our first look at the film will come along with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug December 13th, but Sony UK announced today that the first trailer will hit online December 5th. No word on what the trailer will entail, but there are some *unsubstantiated* rumors that we’ll be seeing a scene involving the Rhino right around that time. The trailer could well just be a new cut of what has been shown off at conventions recently. We just have a week to wait so we’ll know soon enough.

Speaking of Rhino, Giamatti teased his ‘updated‘ suit in a recent interview with the Belfast Telegraph. The actor has talked about his role as the Russian mobster Aleksei Mikhailovich Systsevich on several occasions, but now he gives us another tiny teaser on what we can expect to see when he makes the transformation into the villainous Rhino. Said Giamatti:

In the comic books of old, he had a suit on that made him look like a rhino and it made him super strong. If there was a bank vault, he could butt through it with his head but he wasn’t very smart.
It’s updated now, I have a particular type of suit but I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about it. He’s a Russian mobster because he’s a Russian guy in the comic books.

From the set photos we’ve seen, I’m betting that the Rhino rig is a mechanical robot-like suit Giamatti acquires through his less than reputable connections. There’s a small chance he could undergo a physical transformation like the Lizard, but my money is going to have to be on the robo rig.

Giamatti does go on to talk about his Russian accent and how he tackled the role. He says “It’s pretty hammy, I loved doing it. It seemed to me like an opportunity to be as over the top and hammy as possible. It’s really fun.Giamatti‘s constant talk of him being over the top hammy has many worried we could get into some territory we’d rather not go. Hammy is one of those words you just don’t say when you’re trying to make people excited about a comic book movie. Hopefully Giamatti‘s definition of hammy is a little different. What do you think about the actor’s comments? Are you ready for the first trailer?

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