First Stand Alone Star Wars Film Could Center on Yoda


star-wars-yoda-wallpaper-09While news of JJ Abrams taking the job as director for the upcoming Episode VII, there are still some rumblings of stand-alone films being made. The first time we heard this idea was a while back when Zack Snyder was rumored to be helming a Star Wars film that would be based loosely on the Seven Samurai. His reps quickly shot the rumor down, but the idea just doesn’t seem to be going away.

Tonight comes news that the stand-alone film idea may still happen and the first film would be based on the master himself: Yoda. AICN is reporting that Kathleen Kennedy is indeed planning a group of character centered films outside the next trilogy that Abrams will start.

Well, to start with they’re going to focus on established characters and do solo films, no, not necessarily Han Solo films, but well, f**k it…   The first Stand Alone film is going to center upon YODA.  At this stage specifics are sparse, but Kathleen Kennedy is putting together a STAR WARS slate…

If this is the direction they are going, focusing on established characters, I can’t think of a better character to come out of the gate with. It begs the question of whether we will see a young Yoda or more aged? Endless, the possibilities are.

Harry also mentions that Disney is toying with the idea of adding an addition to their California Adventure theme park that would be centered on the Star Wars universe. The site says the plans were for a park focused on Oz, and that still may happen depending on how Oz: Great and Powerful performs at the box office, but expect to see Star Wars first.

There was also that Boba Fett film that Joe Johnston was talking about after he finished Captain America. Has he met with Kennedy to discuss that film?!

What do you guys think? Would you want to see a film based on the little green bad ass Jedi Master? What other characters would you like to see get a “solo” film? See what I did there?

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Source : AICN