First Pics From MARVEL’s New One-Shot Shows Trevor Slattery Adjusting To Prison Life


mandarinThor: The Dark World is nearing a Blu-ray/DVD release, and as we’ve come to expect from Marvel, a special one-shot will be included. The third offering in Marvel’s one-shot line is called All Hail The King. When it was originally announced some thought it would either focus on Loki or Iron Man 3’s Trevor Slattery (Sir Ben Kingsley). It turns out the short will show us how ol’ Trevor is adjusting to prison life. Entertainment Weekly caught up with Iron Man 3 co-writer Drew Pearce, who wrote and directed the one-shot, to find out about the upcoming mini-movie.

All Hail The King shows us how the dim-witted actor is enjoying prison life and the new found fame that came along with his role as the Mandarin. Locked away at the maximum security prison Seagate (That’s part of Luke Cage’s origin. Fancy that.), Trevor has agreed to do his first interview with a documentary film crew who is investigating Tony Stark’s latest adventure. Combining two of Pearce’s comments, the writer talks about how this short fits into the Marvel universe and what sort of themes are being explored. Basically Trevor has displeased a real terrorist organization:

Imagine a real terrorist organization whose beliefs were long held and religious for thousands of years, and imagine a drunk, British actor coming along and essentially telling the world that he’s the face of your organization. I think they would be right to be quite angry.
What it’s doing on that level is, it reiterates a bunch of stuff that actually Shane [Black, director and co-writer of Iron Man 3] and I said in our interviews around the movie. There’s lots of exposition in lots of different cuts of Iron Man 3 that, in the end, kind of got snubbed out. It’s kind of said in Iron Man 3 but very briefly, Aldrich essentially took a thing that was real, historically real and culturally real, and co-opted it for his own means — essentially co-opting an ancient terrorist concept. What [All Hail the King] does is show that everything in Iron Man 1 [involving the terrorist group] was canon all along any way. We kind of knew The Ten Rings were a real terrorist cell.

All things considered, it seems Trevor is pretty happy with his situation. He found the fame he always wanted and he has a pretty nice prison cell (as you can see in the second picture). Pearce says Trevor is living it up because “at the beginning of this short, other than Tony, he’s the only one out of Iron Man 3 to get what he wanted. And even though he was arrested and beat up and had guns pointed at him, now he’s the celebrity that he always wanted to be and he loves it. He absolutely loves it. He is living a somewhat curtailed version of the celebrity life, but he’s also leading arguably a better life than he did when he was living with, like, four other actors at the age of 52 in some bedsit in the south of London. That’s the other fun thing about the starting point is that when we meet Trevor in the short, Trevor won.” You can read the full interview with Pearce by clicking the source link below. What do you think about our first look at All Hail The King? Are you ready for more Trevor?




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Source : Entertainment Weekly