First Look At The ROCKET RACCOON Free Comic Book Day Story; Plus A Little More About DnA’s RETURN


rocket raccoonThe Guardians of the Galaxy have reached an unprecedented level of popularity the last little while thanks in part to an upcoming movie and a relaunched comic series from Brian Michael Bendis. Rocket Raccoon has really been the breakout star of the series, and from all accounts he is poised to steal the show in James Gunn’s movie as well. It makes sense that Marvel would want to capitalize on the furry little guy. One way they’ll be doing that is offering up a Rocket-centric story in one of their Free Comic Book Day offerings this May. In Marvel’s E-I-C Axel Alonso’s weekly column with CBR, the first preview of that story was shown off. Alonso also touched on Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s return to the Guardians of the Galaxy for a few stories later this year.

Marvel will have a larger Guardians story for Free Comic Book Day, but the Rocket story will be an all-ages adventure written by prolific letterer Joe Caramagna with art by Adam Archer. The info released for the story describes it as follows: “Rocket Raccoon is a wanted mammal, and he’s out to clear his bounty – by any means necessary! And you’ll never believe how!” Our first look at Archer’s art reveals that Rocket will be joined by Groot and Wal Rus.

Besides showing off some new art, Alonso touched on the legacy of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, better known to Guardians fans as DnA. The duo will be returning to work on the official comic book movie tie-in story as well as providing backup stories to the Guardians of the Galaxy anniversary issue. Alonso says that the duo’s contribution to the cosmic side of Marvel is unquestionable, and that it was just a matter of time before they got them involved in Guardians comics again. The two won’t be working together on the backup stories though, Alonso says that “Dan and Andy will each be writing their own separate backup stories for Guardians of the Galaxy #14, featuring the characters they helped bring to the forefront of the Marvel U.

One thing hardcore Guardians fans haven’t been too pleased with is Bendis’ departure from the more hard-hitting sci-fi epic sensibilities of DnA. Some harangue Bendis, saying DnA conducted space operas while Bendis grooves to space pop. Alonso says that Bendis’ different take was exactly what was needed for the relaunch:

DnA’s contribution to the cosmic universe goes without saying, and no one overlooks the contribution of any of the creators who contributed to building the cosmic mythology. That said, when you’re rebooting a franchise with the goals we had for “Guardians,” it’s about more than supplying a quality book – you’ve got to send a loud-and-clear message to retailers and fans that this is an event, and the most sure-fire way to do that is to bring in your big guns: talent that’s associated with top-quality, high-selling work. We tapped Brian [Michael] Bendis and Steve McNiven in the hopes that we’d achieve a quality book that would achieve certain sales goals, and it worked. “Guardians of the Galaxy” #1 was one of the best-selling titles of the year, and the series continues to perform. But again, we weren’t building on rubble; we were building on something solid.

Guardians is selling well and the movie will only boost those already solid figures. What do you think about our first look at Rocket’s solo adventure? What do you think about DnA coming back for a story or two this year?





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