First Look At Art From Spider-Man 2099’s Return In The Pages Of Superior Spider-Man


2099We new this was coming for a few months, but Spider-Man 2099 is finally coming back to the Marvel comic universe after being gone for quite a while. Dan Slott trolled his followers on Twitter a few months back when he sort-of-kind-of said that Miguel O’Hara would be the Superior Spider-Man that came on the scene at the end of Amazing Spider-Man #700. While Slott was just kidding about that, he wasn’t kidding that the beloved character would be popping up in Superior Spider-Man. Issues 17 and 18 will feature the futuristic webslinger. Artist Ryan Stegman recently spoke with CBR to talk about his run on Superior and reveal a few pages from issue 17.

Stegman wouldn’t reveal much about the future Spider-Man‘s return, but he did tease some fights he’ll get to draw. The way he words things leaves the interpretation open, but he’s clearly talking about a scene he’s heard about:

I haven’t drawn them fighting yet, but I’d say that they are probably fairly similar. The difference is that 2099 can glide when in mid-air. So an aerial battle would definitely be interesting to draw. They both have finger talons though, so there should be some shredded costumes if and when they do engage in battle.

Working on “Superior Spider-Man” has been a real honor and a thrill for me. Thanks to everybody who has been reading and enjoying it. Thanks for the kind words.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. Now the inclusion of Spider-Man 2099 raises some interesting questions. Being from the year 2099, all the things that have happened is Miguel‘s history. Does he know that Doc Ock took over the body of Peter Parker? If it was ever discovered, that would be something covered in your basic history book. Why is he even in the present in the first place? We’ll have to wait and see.


2099 cover 2

2099 cover 1

2099 1

2099 2

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