First Anti-Hero Brand Press Update of 2012


Well, I just got off the phone with writer Venus of Necro as we talked about ideas for the Fuzzyface reprint. The reprint, which will encompass the entire, classic tale of Fuzzyface, PLUS a prologue and epilogue, both written by Venus and drawn by me, not to mention a new cover, hopefully colored by Nei Ruffino. There will be pinups abound by local and up and coming creators, plus some established vets, like, Jimmie Robinson, Mike Debalfo, and I have heard Simon Bisley is interested some Fuzzyface awesomeness.
Venus and I spoke for close to an hour about lots of stuff, but got down to business, as she is a busy lady. And we laid out a clear path for the story that stars Agnew Pennyworth as Fuzzyface the diminutive hero who wields a chainsaw and wears the faces of his victims.

Fuzzyface: The Agnew Chainsaw Massacre 3, written by Venus of Necro and drawn by John Chihak

I even found a possible distributor for Fuzzyface and other Anti-Hero Brand Press titles and goodies. More on that later.
Venus and I are even talking about hitting the fundraising campaign trail again. And this time we won’t take no for an answer. And neither will the little fuzz ball with the gas powered saw.

A page from Fuzzyface: The Agnew Chainsaw Massacre 3

As for other updates, I am currently working on layouts and subtle script adaptations for Youth in Asia 6 or volume two, which ever makes you happiest. You can see me working on this at Safehouse E Bar in Tucson late into the night or nights I don’t have work. And you can purchase the ENTIRE AHB catalog, from Youth in Asia the first three issue tpb, to Fuzzyface right there. But please, bring cash. Also, Safehouse as well as Charlies Comics which is now located in Hat’s Games on 29th and Alvernon, is carrying the hottest thing going, Unite and Take Over, stories based on songs from the Smiths, which kicked butt on Kickstarter and is selling out everywhere. And while you’re there picking that up, help yourself to a really awesome Spork, a house specialty at Safehouse. Or chat up the most knowledgeable comic book seller in Tucson, Charlie Harris.

YiA5 from Anti-Hero Brand Press

So, for the first update of 2012, I thank you for reading The Hardcore Review and supporting the awesome team that has accepted me into hyperspace, Comic Book Therapy.

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