Final Rapid Fire Rundown Of Marvel’s NYCC Announcements: PUNISHER, ELEKTRA, CAPTAIN MARVEL, GOBLIN NATION And More


marvel bannerNew York Comic Con has come to an end. Marvel‘s final panel has wrapped and the publisher saved some big announcements for last. Before we get to that though, you might want to catch up on the announcements from Friday and Saturday. If you missed the first Rapid Fire Rundown you can catch up here. If you need to see yesterday’s Rundown click here. For Marvel‘s final panel the publisher announced some new series, a relaunch of a fan favorite, and a big event coming up for the Superior Spider-Man. Strap in and read on for the final day’s developments. And let me say again: click any cover to expand.

Today’s panel was the Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel. Superior Spider-Man writer Dan Slott, Superior Foes of Spider-Man writer Nick Spencer, Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, artist Humberto Ramos, and Marvel editors Steve Wacker, Sana Amanat, Ellie Pyle, Tom Brennan and Jake Thomas were all on hand to roll out the final announcements and teasers for the publisher.

The Superior Spider-Man Annual #1, coming out this November, was discussed. Christos Gage will write that with art from Javier Rodriguez. The story will see Aunt May seeing part of the darker side of the Superior Spider-Man. Dan Slott confirmed that  the things that happen in the annual “count” alongside his stories.

captain marvelFans had been worried about the future of DeConnick‘s Captain Marvel after it failed to appear in future solicits. That’s because the series will be relaunched this March with an all new #1 issue. DeConnick said the first arc will be going cosmic with Carol Danvers showing why she’s the best she is at what she does by using her skill as an American pilot in outer space. The arc will be called “Higher, Faster, Further, More.” When asked if Carol could bump into the Guardians of the Galaxy out there in space, DeConnick only said “Wouldn’t that be awesome?

The first new series announced was an Elektra comic from writer Zeb Wells and artist Mike Del Mundo, launching in March also. This will be Elektra on her own, away from Daredevil, which will see the character becoming the “Dexter of assassins.Elektra will have her classic costume, but the panelist said they would “cover up her butt a little bit.

The second new series announced was an all new Punisher ongoing from writer Nathan Edmondson with art from Mitch Gerads kicking off in February. The story will see Frank Castle moving to Los Angeles because he has found the “head of the [crime] snake.Wacker answered a fan’s Punisher question about Rachel Alves saying she wouldn’t appear in this series but she may pop up somewhere else soon.

The final new book announced was a New Warriors title coming in February from writer Chris Yost and artist Marcus To. The new line-up will include Justice, Nova, Speedball, Scarlet Spider, and Sun Girl. The group will face off against the High Evolutionary. Wacker compared the book’s vibe to Wolfman/Perez’s Teen Titans and Brian K. Vaughn‘s Runaways.

A young fan asked about Iron Fist, to which Wacker said he couldn’t say anything about that because “it’s not four weeks from now.” Expect an Iron Fist announcement soon is basically what we’re trying to say here.

goblin nationThe biggest section of the panel related to Dan Slott’s upcoming story Goblin Nation. Slott said the new story will be a good jumping on point for fans and they’re definitely not going to want to miss this one. Green Goblin vs. Doc Ock/Superior Spider-Man. The writer said everything has been leading up to this one. Slott spoke with CBR in an interview that went up during the panel:

Every story leading up to “Goblin Nation” is very important. Issues #20 and #21, which make up the two-parter that happens after the current Spidey 2099 arc, have so many major developments. Next year in 2014 people are going to ask, “When did that start? How did that come about? Wait! That’s in Spider-Man now?” Where did all of that start? Issues #20 and #21.

We’re heading toward the “Goblin Nation” story where we’ll see what happens now after the rise of Spider-Man’s greatest enemy, the Green Goblin and what happens with Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man. Because let’s be honest. He’s fought characters like Cardiac, Screwball and Stunner. [Laughs] THIS IS THE GREEN GOBLIN! Has everything you’ve seen this so-called “Superior” Spider-Man do risen to the level of the Green Goblin?

It’s not just the Green Goblin either, though. It’s a Green Goblin who’s had 26 issues to plan and scheme [Laughs]; a Green Goblin who’s secretly the Kingpin of Crime in all of New York thanks to the Superior Spider-Man. Oh my! THIS IS IT!

A very cryptic answer to a fan’s question about Carnage revealed that there will be something coming up with the villain after Superior Carnage, so stay tuned. The cover for Marvel‘s new Point One issue was also revealed (via Bleeding Cool). There’s on character blacked out, but to me it look a bit like the outline of the newly introduced Angela. What do you think? Any of the final day’s announcements jump out at you?

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