Final Pacific Rim Trailer is Man Over Machine


maxresdefaultSo far, the trailers we’ve seen for Guillermo Del Toro’s epic sci-fi adventure film Pacific Rim have placed heavy emphasis on the action, which is a smart move to pull a larger crowd. The problem with the approach that WB and Legendary have taken is that they have targeted a very specific audience: the geeks. Folks like you and me are very likely to go see this film and to have been spending all their money on one target audience, one that would likely see the movie anyway, seems really odd.

Not long ago, it was discovered that Pacific Rim was tracking pretty badly, behind the sequel to Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2, which is saying something. In response, the studios have turned their focus on a more broad audience and that is quite apparent with this final trailer. This go round, they have placed the focus more on the human element of the film and I have a feeling that this flick is more than just a ton of destruction and giant-sized battles. Del Toro is very good at bringing us films with a large human presence. For instance, Pan’s Labyrinth may have some fantastical creatures and set pieces, but ultimately, that film is all about the human characters. Check out the newest and last trailer below and judge for yourself.

Regardless, I’ll be right there opening day handing my hard-earned money over to my local theater to see this one. I’m hoping that folks will get to theaters to view this film as it means a lot for Del Toro and for the two studios backing the massive project. Pacific Rim crashes into theaters on July 12th and stars Charlie Hunnam, Idris Elba, Ron Perlman and Charlie Day.

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