Feature: Ways To Have Fun With Your Superheroes


bingoSuperheroes are the kind of thing which can become a real passion for people.  From a really young age, many children watch cartoons featuring their favourite superhero day after today and this love for the character and the story often progresses throughout their lifetime.  Because of their fictitious nature, superheroes are timeless.  They were just as popular and cool today as they were many decades ago. Also, the modernisation of the characters makes them actually improve as time goes on, consistently stimulating comic book fans.

One of the first real passions of a young child is the desire to be a superhero.  A couple of decades ago, it was the norm for young children to visit the newsagent every week to pick up the latest edition of their favourite comic.  Unfortunately, comic books have largely been replaced by other forms of more modern media, although they are usually now in the hands of older collectors.

More recently, young children switch on their digital TV to watch their favourite cartoons on TV, whether it’s Spiderman, Batman, Wonderwoman or any other.  As well as the kids’ cartoons, there have also been many movies produced for the superhero classics.  These movies, although they have progressed into heightened realism and darkness through the years, still remain suitable for children.  Think of Val Kilmer playing Bruce Wayne in Batman Forever and Toby McGuire’s Spider-Man role, although they are stories involving crime and violence, they are made to be completely child-friendly.

The high level of quality within these films is evident by the fact that they can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.  It is quite an achievement to be able to appeal to both age demographics simultaneously.  It is maybe the basic moral values the film promotes and the realistic-but-fun storylines which make the movies so adaptable.  The most recent Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, has grossed over a billion dollars since its launch 18 months ago, a number so high thanks to the broad age range of fans.

As children get a bit older, their interests might start to change. Instead of watching the cartoons on the kids channels, they might just watch the movies instead, which are for a slightly more mature audience than the cartoons.

Another popular way that people enjoy movies is through collecting cards. There have been collectibles released for all of the major superhero movies which are still popular to this day. Kids like to collect cards like these in the pre-teenage years so that they can compare and swap with their friends. Although cards are a very basic concept, they have been popular for years as they offer an easy and affordable way for a child to further an internet.

If you are looking for you or your kids to get a bit more interactive, you could always try out a DIY superhero bingo game. This can be done very easily by simply making a card on your computer. There are even sites which generate them for you. You can make a grid, however large you want (5 x 5 is usually the best bet). Then, fill each cell with the name of a superhero and you’re ready to play! How you play from there is up to you. One person could ask questions to the rest, and the players must mark off which superhero is the answer. The game finishes when one player fills their card and shouts ‘Bingo!’

You can also get involved at some fun online bingo sites. If you like playing bingo, you can quite often head to Bingo Hollywood for some superhero-themed fun. The online bingo site is known to host regular superhero-themed competitions. However, there are loads of other bingo sites for you to choose from. Why not create an account with Bingo Hollywood and continue to have fun on this bingo site while you see what else is on offer? There are over 400 different bingo sites for you to choose from, so make sure you check them out before you commit. Many online bingo sites actually offer you some bonus cash before you even make a deposit!

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