FEATURE: Who Could Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Be Playing In The DC Universe



Earlier this week we ran a story from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Twitter chat which he calls #RockTalk. These chats are usually pretty interesting because The Rock has been in some big tent pole movies, as well as entertained millions around the world in the WWE. What caught our attention this go around is that he confirmed that he had been talking with Warner Brothers and was working on something for the DC Movie Universe that could possibly be announced here in 2014.

While we could get an announcement sometime soon, there haven’t been a lot of hints to provide us a clue into who he might be playing. Smart money is on a franchiseable character that they could use 2013’s highest grossing actor in multiple times. But could it be a one off type deal? Read on below as I speculate just who The Rock might be suiting up as for the DCU.

This seems to be the one that would make most sense. Johnson was attached to play Lobo for a brief moment when his director from Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, Brad Peyton, was working on the film. From what I have heard WB wasn’t thrilled with the way Peyton was going with Lobo, so traction seems to have stalled on the project. That’s not to say it won’t get done. However, The Rock himself has stated that the project looks all but dead for him.

Green Lantern (John Stewart)55_JohnStewart-e1337153505485
This is a new rumor that kicked up today. Peter Georgiou, over at Think McFly Think, said that he has heard through the industry grapevine that The Rock maybe up for the role of John Stewart, AKA the second Green Lantern. I wouldn’t take this as much now since Georgiou didn’t post the info to his site and just tweeted it, but there is enough there to entertain the idea. Once again The Rock was the highest grossing actor in 2013 so to lock him up in a franchise opportunity like Green Lantern would be a smart move. The Rock added fuel to the fire when in an earlier edition of Rock Talk he responded, “Funny U say that…”, when someone tweeted him they could see him playing Stewart. While it’s not a slam dunk, I would say they odds are pretty high.

Martian ManhunterMartianmanhunterban
This one is a stretch, and there is no evidence to support that he is up for this role. This is one, is a just for me type pick. The reason I put it on the list is because I could see The Rock using practical FX such as body makeup to play the big screen J’onn J’onzz, as well as being able to pull of John Jones, the Middletown police office. Are there better things that can be done? Of course, motion capture comes to mind. But if they want to go the practical rout I could see The Rock as a jacked up Martian, no matter how slim the odds are.

Lex LuthorLexbanner
He’s bald we get it. Every bald actor has to be up for Lex Luthor. Depending on the story you read Lex is a pretty fit guy. Is he as muscled up as The Rock? Once again it depends on the story, but most of the time, no. Rock, from his days in WWE, plays a terrific bad guy, and has done a wonderful job branding himself. However, I do not see him as a mastermind billionaire business man. His physical gifts would be wasted, and there are much better choices for the character. So I would put this one at a slim to none chance.

This one is tricky. Jason Mamoa, like he is with Martian Manhunter, has been rumored for this role. Although it’s not exactly set in stone as to how they are going to do. Motion capture would seems like the best option for the huge beast covered in spikes, but it seems producers may have something different in mind. This could get into Guardians of The Galaxy territory, where Mamoa thought he was worth more than what Marvel wanted to spend on him being Drax the Destroyer and cast Dave Bautisata. However, given how long The Rock has talked about being in meetings with WB/DC, I highly doubt that he is taken something away from Mamoa, whose name only cropped up recently.

Based on the roles he has been rumored for, my money is on The Rock playing John Stewart, but I would also give Lobo a close second place. Keep in mind it may be none of these and we could all just be on a wild goose chase. Also the role may have nothing what so ever to do with Batman Vs. Superman. Whatever may happen with The Rock, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest.

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