Fantastic Four Reboot Starts Pre-Production; Filming to Begin in September



Not much is known in regards to Fox’s reboot of the Fantastic Four reboot, other that Chronicle’s Josh Trank will be helming the project, with Matthew Vaughn serving as producer on the film. This is, without a doubt, a rather impressive duo to have working on a comic book film together and they will hopefully bring some life to a franchise that is in need of a little refreshing.

Coming from Twitter, @lemon_buzz to be specific, is news that the film has started pre-production work up in Vancouver and it looks as though they are gunning for a September 2013 date to begin filming. If this is the case, we can likely expect some more news on the project , including casting news, which should be interesting as it will be a telling look into the direction of the film.

As it stands now, the film has a Spring 2015 release date, which gives the production team plenty of time to make things right. As we all fantastic-fourknow, two previous Fantastic Four films have already been released and while they had impressive box office numbers, both fans and critics alike panned them for their lack-luster stories and iffy casting.

With Trank and Vaughn at the helm, things may be looking up. Let’s not forget that Fox is in the process of creating their own movie-verse, much like Marvel has been doing. Mark Millar was brought in to oversee the process of this and he’s been in touch with directors of the X-Men films, Bryan Singer, so it’s possible we could see some tie-ins to the X-Men world with this new FF4 reboot.

So, let the fantasy casting begin! Who would you like to see land the four leading roles? Are you expecting Doctor Doom to be the main villain, or would you rather have someone we haven’t seen, like Moleman? How about a real Galactus?

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Source : Twitter