The FANTASTIC FOUR Ditch Their Classic Costumes For Some New Red And Black Duds


Writer James Robinson and artist Leonard Kirk will be relaunching the Fantastic Four next February with a fresh #1 issue as part of Marvel NOW! phase 2. Robinson‘s first arc is really shake things up for Marvel‘s first family. In an interview with USA Today last week about the new series, it was revealed that Robinson‘s run will include:

The FF evicted from the Baxter Building and facing the Avengers. The Thing in prison for murder. Johnny Storm powerless. Dragon Man sentenced to death. The imagination of Sue and Reed Richards’ son Franklin becoming all too real while his younger sister is on her own.

If all of that wasn’t status quo changing enough, the team will also have some brand new costumes. Ditching the classic blue look, the F4 apparently called up Deadpool‘s tailor and got some red and black uniforms. Newsarama had the first look at the new odd looking threads. Thing looks like he’s wearing red hot pants now. He’s always been a fan of the short shorts, but the red makes it really stand out. What do you think about the crew’s new look? Are you a fan of the red and black?




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