When A Fake James Gunn GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Tweet Set Twitter On Fire


gunn bannerHere’s a weird story that I’ve been going on about the last hour on Twitter. The story has calmed down, but for one solid hour there was an all out mess regarding a Tweet James Gunn allegedly sent and then deleted regarding Guardians of the Galaxy late last night. Let’s start out by reiterating this is indeed fake. The Tweet at the center of the controversy was:

Now that seemingly innocuous Tweet started making the rounds. I can’t tell you where it originated. It hit all at once and I can’t backtrack it to the source. Best I can figure is that someone on a forum posted it on Twitter then it started spreading. Now I thought part of it was true. I buy that contracts for Groot and Thanos are near completion considering they’re the only two characters we don’t have solid info on. However, some started to read a little too much into the Tweet. Several Tweeple (is that a thing? It should be a thing) and a few sites started to theorize that this meant Vin Diesel would be playing both Groot AND Thanos in the film. Not sure how they jumped to that conclusion, but it happened.  That’s when things took  a turn for the wild and wacky.

I immediately called bull hockey on Vin being both Groot and Thanos. I believe he’s Groot, heck even Kevin Feige said it’s about to happen, but I never for a second thought he was Thanos as well. The actor said he may still do something else with Marvel, but that wouldn’t happen until 2017/2018 around Phase 3 time. If he was too busy to take on a Phase 3 role, resulting in him doing the voice and motion capture for Groot instead, he’s probably too busy to do Groot AND Thanos.  The conversations were fierce as everyone and their grandma chose a side: He is both characters and Gunn deleted the Tweet, or the Tweet was deleted but he meant two actors for the two roles.

Well it turns out that neither side was correct. Gunn, with lighting fast speed, took to Twitter to reveal that not only was the Tweet a fake, it was a bad Photoshop job. For one thing his Twitter verification mark wasn’t on there. For another, there are odd blocks around the letters. You can check out his entire timeline on Twitter if you want to see what everyone else said. The two relevant Tweets to our needs is this one Gunn sent  when he heard the Tweet existed:

Then after he had a few minutes to read what the Twittersphere was talking about, he said:

So then things calmed down. People started to realize it wasn’t a false denial after all. For one hour though, it was a fun little game where people chose sides and fought to prove their point. It just goes to show you that not everything you see on the internet is true. We all get taken sometimes, I mean I’m nearly perfect and it happens to me occasionally. Gunn is now fielding question on his Facebook about the fake Tweet. Here’s the post, but he just now commented that “Thanos is in the movie. That’s widely known, and I’ve said it a thousand times. But the same actor is not plaing both him and Groot. That’s a terrible idea.” Just an FYI, click the embedded post “see more” to see the director’s full post.

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Source : James Gunn Twitter and Facebook