Exclusive: Scott Tipton Talks IDW’s Doctor Who: Prisoners Of Time


prisoners of time bannerScott Tipton, one half of the writing duo with his brother David, is fully immersing himself in the Doctor Who world. After working on the hit  Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who crossover Assimilation 2, he will help bring IDW’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary special to life. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time will be a 12 issue miniseries that features each doctor getting their own adventure. There will be a mystery connecting each part of the series though. I got the change to chat with Scott Tipton about the upcoming series as well as the success of Assimilation2.


assimilation coverFirst off, thanks for talking with us today. You’re coming off of Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation2. Now that it’s all said and done, what does it feel like to have worked on that story and brought together the two biggest names in science fiction?

It’s still a little surreal to me that we were allowed to do it at all. I’m just insanely happy about it. IDW, CBS and the BBC allowed us to tell the story we wanted to tell, and people seem to have enjoyed it. Doesn’t get much better than that.

The ending left the door, if not wide open, a little cracked. Do you have any ideas in mind if a sequel were to happen? Have there been any talks about possibly doing another one sometime? I guess you could go with Assimilation squared squared.

We have plenty of ideas, to be sure. With two enormous franchises like STAR TREK AND DOCTOR WHO, there are endless story possibilities. Will it ever happen? Who knows?

You’re not through with the world of Doctor Who at least. You and David are working on Prisoners of Time. How did this come about? Were you two approached as a part of Assimilation2 or did you pitch the idea?

As ASSIMILATION SQUARED was drawing to a close, IDW asked if we had any ideas for a DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary series. We put our heads together and came up with a pitch for what we wanted to do with it, and thankfully, BBC liked it, and we were off and running!

This is IDW’s 50th Anniversary contribution. Many fans are hoping for a multi-Doctor story on TV, so do you feel any pressure knowing this could well be the only outlet for this to happen?

I can’t worry too much about the pressure of living up to expectations. That way lies madness. We’re just trying to tell the best DOCTOR WHO stories we can. Besides, we’re confident that what Steven Moffat is cooking up for the 50th is going to be amazing!

all the doctorsAs you write each and every Doctor, are you looking at certain stories for inspiration when you work with the different versions?

As many as possible! We’re trying to make each issue really capture the tone of that particular era of DOCTOR WHO, so we’re watching and re-watching as many episodes as we can leading up to and during the writing of each script.

The great thing about The Doctor is he’s one person but has 11 different personalities. One is kind of crotchety, two is the crazy uncle, three is the man of action etc. Do you find yourself enjoying writing these different elements? Does one Doctor stand out to you?

That’s one of the best parts about this job: it’s allowing me to gain an even greater appreciation for each incarnation of the Doctor as we go and I immerse myself in that Doctor’s episodes. Usually whatever Doctor I’m writing at the time is my favorite, although I’ll admit a new fondness for Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor. He’s such a badass.

Companions play a big part in Doctor Who, and it seems like they will in your story as well. Can you let us in on any of them that will pop up?

You can expect to see plenty of familiar faces, like Ian, Barbara, Vicki, Jamie, Zoe, Sarah Jane and Liz, just to name a few!

dw prisonerEach issue will feature a different artist. What’s that been like so far? To be working with a pretty big team on one big story, I’d imagine there has to be a traffic controller to organize it and get consistency for the overall story that connects the 12 issues.

That’s all the fine work of our editor, Denton Tipton (no relation). Denton does an amazing job finding and coordinating our artists and keeping everyone on the same page and moving smoothly forward.

You were known for your work with Star Trek, and then you did Star Trek and Doctor Who. Now you have a Doctor Who only story. Since you’ve made the transition, are you going to be sticking around?

As long as they’ll have me! I’m tremendously enjoying my time in the Whoniverse.

You’ll be pretty busy with Prisoners of Time this year, but do you have anything you’re working on that we should be on the lookout for?

Well, there’s also ELIZABETH’S CANVAS coming in the spring, a charity graphic novel I put together with IDW featuring stories by folks like Mark Waid, Gregg Hurwitz, Harlan Ellison, Chris Ryall, David Messina, Ryan Benjamin, Elena Casagrande, Sara Pichelli and more. And anyone visiting or living in the Southern California region should come see my comic shop, BLASTOFF in North Hollywood (check us out at www.blastoffcomics.com).


You have to agree with his assessment of Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. He was very much the man of action Doctor with all of his sweet rides and Venusian aikido action. While 3 is a great Doctor, I’m particularly fond of the Second Doctor. Seeing 2 on a new adventure with Jaimie and Zoe sounds incredibly exciting. The Tiptons had a good grasp of Doctor Who during Assimilation2, so it will be interesting to see how they tackle a larger Doctor Who only story. Prisoners of time kicks off this month, and we’ll be bringing you reviews and news from all 12 issues. Thanks again to Mr. Tipton, and be sure to check out Elizabeth’s Canvas as well as his comic shop Blastoff.

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