Exclusive: Patrick Zircher Talks SHADOWMAN


Valiant has been keeping the train going at full speed and maintaining great quality with their titles. It goes even further with this month’s debut of Shadowman by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher. We had the privilege of speaking to Patrick Zircher, who is the co-writer and artist for the new series. Zircher teased some of the things we will be seeing in upcoming Shadowman issues and the Valiant universe as a whole.


Patrick thank you for getting with us to discuss Shadowman. How have things been for you?

Everything’s pretty sweet right now, keeping busy, writing and drawing.  I’m having a great time.

Valiant has been getting a lot of buzz since their return this summer. How does it feel working with a much loved and highly regarded publisher?

Response to Valiant’s return has been overwhelmingly positive and the positivity lifts the talent and editors too.

What got made you interested in co-writing and doing art for Shadowman?

I wanted to be involved in the book in ways beyond illustrating.  Teaming up with Justin Jordan allows an exchange of ideas, plot points, and dialogue. There’s an element of dark fantasy combined with heroics that makes Shadowman really appealing.

For such a unique character, what was your inspiration to reintroduce him to the public?

The classic Shadowman run always felt like a book of wonderful ideas and untapped potential.  When I saw what Valiant editors and talent were doing with the reintroduction of  X-0, Harbinger, Bloodshot, and Archer & Armstrong, I knew they were serious about doing books in the manner of the best DC and Marvel titles.  I wanted to join in the fun.

A few nods to the character’s past design and traits were sprinkled throughout the book. What else can we expect to see carried over into the new series?

Justin and I have discussed reintroducing some of Shadowman’s foes from the original series.  Bring them back in interesting new ways, with a fresh coat of paint.

For some of the older Valiant readers, Darque is a villain who is connected to several characters outside of Shadowman. Will Shadowman connect with other Valiant characters through Darque’s inevitable return?

In the second arc you’ll be seeing more ties to the Valiant Universe as a whole, but we’re not going to force them.  They’ll happen because it makes for a great Shadowman story.  Master Darque was a big player in the original Valiant stories and, as the books grow and roll out, I expect we’ll be seeing his presence felt.

It seems that when the entity of Shadowman took over Jack Boniface, it was as if he already was Shadowman. Will there be a separate conscious for Jack or will he end up assuming control?

I don’t want to give too much away but the relationship between Jack and the Shadow Loa is an important part of upcoming stories.  The loa is not merely a superpower.

Mr. Twist, a demon made up of gore with a Southern Gentleman-like attitude was a delight to read. How important is to the series when it comes to his pursuit of Jack/Shadowman?

Mr. Twist is one of the key antagonists in this first arc, he and Jack will definitely butt heads.  We want to build the bad guys to last, create a good old rogues gallery.

The past few Valiant releases have introduced different characters from the Valiant universe such as Ninjak in XO and The Eternal Warrior in Archer & Armstrong’s new arc in December. Can we expect anything in similar fashion in this series?

Robert, Lee, Fred, and Emanuela can’t have all the fun!  Yeah, we have a guy.

For our readers of Shadowman new and old alike, what makes this an exciting series to read? What can we look forward to in the upcoming issues?

Plenty of mayhem, thrills, and a good laugh every now and then. Shadowman has wild, nightmarish beings and settings and a hero whose problems aren’t just ones he can solve with his fists.  Justin and I (and Brian, Warren, and Josh)are so excited about the title. We’re going to make it the best Shadowman book we can.

Thank you for your time to answer our questions! Is there anything else you would like to close off saying?

Shadowman had a great launch and I’m having a terrific time.  But that’s happening because of retailers and readers. Thanks. You make Shadowman happen.

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