Exclusive: Michael Rooker Talks Rocket Raccoon Rumors


We here at CBT have a lot of cool Walking Dead interviews and set info coming up as we get ready for the season three premiere. To tease you a little bit, here’s a section of an interview with Michael Rooker. I just talked to Mr. Rooker about all things Walking Dead, but I did have to squeeze one question in about a story that broke yesterday. There was a story where Mr. Rooker talked about James Gunn’s involvement with Guardians of the Galaxy. Rooker and Gunn have worked together on the movie Slither and Super, and Gunn likes to use a lot of the same actors for his projects. That’s where Rooker talked about Rocket Raccoon. It seemed like he was starting a big campaign to voice everyone’s favorite space varmint. I asked Mr. Rooker about that.


CBT: Yesterday a story came out where you were talking about James Gunn’s involvement with Guardians of the Galaxy for Marvel and you talked about Rocket Raccoon. Can you expand on that? It sounded like you might have talked to James Gunn since he got the gig?

Michael Rooker: Didn’t it sound like that? All of a sudden you make a statement that “yeah, I know James Gunn and I know he’s doing this” and yes, you know. I’m teasing the reporter saying yeah, me and raccoons are friends. All of a sudden I am on a major campaign to do the role. I love reporters they are so much fun [laughs]. They add a lot to…you know, they use their own imaginations sometimes. I know James Gunn and we’ve talked about the show. He’s very busy rewriting and getting ready to do it and Marvel and him are definitely going to be picking a wonderful cast and in reality I would be very fortunate to be involved in that cast.   But at this time I’m not involved with the cast. You know, me having worked with James Gunn before, I know his work and I love how he deals with actors so it would be a pleasure, it would be an absolute pleasure, to work with Mr. Gunn again.


CBT: Yeah, I wanted to ask you that to see how much was fans getting excited.

Rooker: I think it was mainly fans getting excited. They want to hear…you know they like my voice and they dig my work so that’s good, that’s cool, that’s alright, nothing wrong with that but there is no official, anything official going on. It’s just fans getting excited because they’d love to see me play one of those roles in that show. I think it’s because they like my work and they really dig my voice and they’re thinking of my voice and matching it up with different characters in there and stuff wondering which would be better for me to play.


CBT: I understand. It’s a really exciting idea.

Rooker: Oh, I think it’s extremely exciting idea as well.


Be sure to tune in for the full interview with Rooker, as well as David Morrissey and Sarah Wayne Callies about what to expect for The Walking Dead this season. There’s Rooker on the record about the rumors What do you think about the idea of Rooker Raccoon anyway?

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