EXCLUSIVE: Knightingail Shadow Division #3, Pre-Release Exclusive Look


Wayne Gardiner, Knightingail creator/writer, and publisher Big Dog Ink are pleased to provide an exclusive, pre-release look at Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #3. This comic book is the third issue in volume 3 of the Knightingail saga that will be released nationally in comic book stores in September 2013. This month, Knightingail fans can pre-order this comic from comic stores who will be placing their orders now through the July PREVIEWS catalog.

The cover artwork for the series continues to become more action packed reflecting the more action oriented and darker story. The main Knightingail: Shadow Divisions #3 covers feature a Knightingail and Hunter battle cover by interior artists Mel Joy San Juan and Katrina Mae Hao. Cover B is a very dramatic cover depicting a battle scarred Knightingail illustrated by Nathan Seals and Kate Finnegan.

Issue #3 will also be released with three very special variant covers that will be available at conventions and through the Knightingail on-line store (http://crucidel.storenvy.com). Covers C and D continue to be the battle covers beautifully illustrated by the wonderful artistic team of Dawn McTeigue and Ula Mos. Both of these covers are part of a 6 issue set of connecting covers that will form a larger battle image when placed next to each other. The 3C and 3D covers feature Kaeli and Kurt fighting off Dracons with Kaeli appearing in her normal clothes or Centurion outfits. The 1C and 1D covers match up with these 3C and 3D covers giving fans a first taste at what the larger 6 cover image will look like.

A third variant cover, was illustrated by Jen Broomall and Ula Mos. This cover depicts a new creature in the Knightingail universe, the Stalsions. Stalsions are large riding beasts similar to Clydesdale horses, but much more furry. The cover illustration depicts a subtle distinction with the Stalsions. Stalsions are magical creatures such that their hair glows when danger is near. The more serious the danger, the more they glow and transform into … well, that’s a secret for future issues.

Issue #3 really begins to show the amazing talent of Mel Joy San Juan’s illustrations as she is now fully comfortable with the characters. In addition, issue #3 brings back layout artist Wilson Tortosa to provide more dynamic page layouts. Wilson worked was brought in on the last three issues of Knightingail Vol 1 to help layout the intense battle scenes of that issue; and his talent is put to good use on this issue. Just as with issue #1 and #2, fans can now watch a trailer for issue #3 from the Knightingail Youtube page (http://youtu.be/TAYTIBM_jPg). The last image in the trailer is particularly amazing.

In regards to the story, issue #3 finally portrays the first confrontation between Knightingail and the Shadow Ravens. As the cover art and teaser art in the trailer suggest, the Shadow Ravens are indeed a formidable foe for Knightingail to deal with – even with all of her powers.






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