Exclusive: Daniel Cudmore On X-Men And The Halo Web Series


This weekend I got to attend Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, Tennessee. While there, I was lucky enough to get a few minutes with actor Daniel Cudmore. You may know the 6’7″ Cudmore from roles such as Colossus in the X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, Felix from the Twilight Saga, or more recently Master Chief (John 117) from the Halo: Forward Unto Dawn web series. The Halo series is on its fourth of five episodes currently. In a nice chat with Mr. Cudmore, I asked him about his time as Colossus on X-Men and if we could expect more from him in the Halo universe.


You’re known for playing some big characters and of course for Colossus in X-Men. Just as kind of a retrospect, how was that for you playing that character?

That was a lot of fun, and that was at the very beginning of my career. It was something I walked into not really knowing anything other than hey ‘I’m going to go work on a movie.’ I was super excited, I did my research and went and had a blast really.

The third movie seemed like it was setting you guys up to be the next wave of X-Men. Had they talked to you about any ideas they had if there would have been another movie after The Last Stand at all?

Not really. The movie industry is funny in the fact that unless you are at the very top of the totem pole, you don’t really know a lot. You go to work and do your thing and then if something more than whatever you did is going to come about, you hear about it later on but I didn’t really hear much rumblings about whether or not is was going to be any bigger for some of our characters. I know they were setting it up so that there is the potential if they ever wanted to go down that avenue they could. At the end of the day, I’d love to reprise the role but I’m on to other things and I’m constantly working.

The rumor now is that the First Class sequel will have some time hopping elements. Is there any chance we could see you pop up again?

I don’t know, I’d love to. If they’re into it I’m down. Again, at the end of the day it’s really up to the big wigs of Hollywood on what they want to do. You just kind of smile and go with it.

Moving on to something a little more current, you are in the Halo: Forward Unto Dawn web series where you play the Master Chief and finally show up around episode 3. What was that experience like for you to show up and put the armor on?

It was fun. I really delved into understanding where the character was and where it kind of came from with the fiction and some of the vignettes that have been done. I played the video game, I played Halo 2 back in the day and I enjoyed it. I thought it was fun and the universe in Halo is massive. To play one of those iconic characters is a daunting but exciting task.

You do a great job on that. Is there any possibility of that continuing on in some form?

Yeah, again it’s very much like the X-Men. If Microsoft wants to do it, they have every ability available. They have everything at their disposal and the universe is massive. You could go on down any sort of avenue. I was talking to a guy and he was like you can do a band of brothers type feel with the ODST’s or you can do what they done and bring the young cadets into their lives and their surroundings. I thought it would be great to do a story along with finding out how the Master Chief became who he is and sort of how he feels about what he does. There are endless possibilities. I think they should. I’m like go for it, but at the end of the day they have to use a big pile of money and decide whether they want to go for it or not.

The Halo movie has been in the works for a while, so hopefully that can be kind of a kick start since it’s been received so well.

Totally. I think that’s the great thing about it A)it’s great marketing and brings a whole new audience into the series and B) it really shows them that hey, look you did five weeks, 25 shooting days in a few months and look at the response it got. Now imagine if you really went full-on, big-budget movie. It would be amazing.

What are some things we should be on the lookout for? You have the last Twilight movie coming out, but do you have something else in the works?

I’ve got a movie called Baytown Outlaws with Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria. I play one of three redneck brothers who take a job to kidnap Eva Longoria’s godson character back from her evil ex-boyfriend. It’s a big, high action, shoot-em-up comedy but with a great storyline. That’s coming out early next year. Then, who knows? Bigger and better things.


It would be very exciting to see Cudmore reprise his role as the Russian powerhouse known as Colossus. He is staying pretty busy, but it seemed like he really enjoyed the character and would be open to returning. The Halo web series is exceptional. Like we mentioned, the movie has been in the works for years, so this is the next best thing if not better. When the fifth episode debuts, that will make around 90 minutes of live-action Halo. Master Chief finally showed up in the series and Cudmore does a fantastic job. Maybe the series can be the push needed to get the movie closer to happening.

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