Exclusive: Brandon Auman Talks Iron Man: Rise Of Technovore


IronMan-TechnovoreIron Man: Rise of Technovore is now out on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. We’ve been covering it all along the way (you can check out our review of the film here).  A few weeks ago we had the chance to speak with producer Megan Thomas Bradner about that side of things, and today we’ve got an interview with Brandon Auman who wrote the story treatment for the film. You may recognize Auman‘s name from his work on Iron Man: Armored Adventures and some fantastic episodes of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Auman was nice enough to discuss his work for the film and what he might have done a little differently if he wrote the script.


You’re no stranger to Iron Man, having done a great run on Iron Man: Armored Adventures. You had a two parter on that series, but what was it like working on a full-length movie for the Shellhead this time?

Well, I wrote the story treatment. The script itself was written by Kengo Kaji. I mapped out the ideas, detailed the action, and defined the characters… explaining their arcs, motivations, etc. I gave them examples of some of the dialogue, which usually gets lost in translation going back and forth, haha. Marvel execs Megan Thomas Bradner, Cort Lane and Harrison Wilcox worked on it with me; they were invaluable help.

With this being an anime movie, was there anything you had to adjust or do differently? What was that particular experience like?

If I was writing the script I would have altered the story, explained things differently and paced it a little faster. I wish I would have had a chance to write the dialogue, but look…this is a very Japanese film, and I enjoy it for that reason. It’s pretty common in Japan that characters espouse philosophy and discuss their problems as much as they fight it out, and much of what they’re saying gets lost in translation. It’s more about emotion and feeling. I’ve gotten a lot of love from anime fans on the film. I think Madhouse did an amazing job, it looks beautiful.

How did Madhouse doing the animation and laying things out affect your process? Was it a write to match what they did thing?

Well, I wrote the story early on. I didn’t write/translate the dialogue, so I didn’t have to match anything.

punisherYou had a lot of characters to play around with in Technovore. Were there any particular characters or combos you found yourself enjoying while writing the script?

I loved writing the Punisher scenes… he was a character I always wanted to write, but never had a chance to. And I always love writing Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Some people may not realize the Technovore is an actual comic book character. He popped up in an episode of Armored Adventures as well as your Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes episode Iron Man is Born! He’s a little different from all those versions though. Did you feel you had a good grasp on that character? How did you decide to tie it to the other characters and combine several story elements?

It pulls from the various decades of Iron Man comics, but really it’s its own beast. Technovore just seems possible, bio-tech armor and constructs feel like the next beyond Iron Man’s armor. From the inorganic to the organic, that’s where technology will probably end up. Alive.

Do you have any other projects in the works we should be on the lookout for? Marvel/comic book related or otherwise?

Yeah, I have a few popping up soon. Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United, which is geared for a younger audience than Technovore… and also a few other Marvel projects coming out soon… so stay on the look out!


Our thanks again to Brandon Auman for speaking with us. If you haven’t watched Technovore yet, you really need to get on that! It’s a great next step in the Marvel Anime line. You can really tell the Punisher scenes were a joy for everyone involved with the production. Norman Reedus easily stole the section of the movie he was in, and I really hope one of the next anime projects is Punisher related. Auman, as he stated above, worked on the Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United movie that will be coming out later this year. That’s another great looking Marvel flick we’ll be telling you more about as the time draws nearer. What do you think about what Auman had to say? What did you think about Rise of Technovore?

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