confidentialMarvel’s second full-length anime movie, Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, will be released on Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, and digital on March 25th. To help get you excited for the release, we’ve got an exclusive piece of concept art and a roundup of recently released clips and featurettes for the film. Black Widow and Punisher are two heroes, or rather anti-heroes, cut from the same cloth, so their pairing on film is an interesting prospect. While Natasha and Frank Castle have some similarities and methods, they haven’t really crossed paths all that much in the comics as strange as that may seem. When they do end up meeting in Avengers Confidential, it will have explosive consequences.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has handed us a piece of concept art for the upcoming film featuring a character who looks poised to have a substantial role in the flick- Amadeus Cho. The fan-favorite boy super-genius of the Marvel universe hasn’t been seen much in Marvel‘s TV projects before, so fans are understandably excited to see young Cho pop up in Avengers Confidential. You can see that Madhouse‘s style is a perfect fit for the character.

Below the piece of concept art you can see a plethora of featurettes and clips for the film. The first featurette talks about Amadeus Cho and teases our piece of concept art you see below. Beyond that are 9 trailers, clips, and featurettes for the film featuring interviews with the crew behind Marvel‘s latest anime effort. We’ll have a contest and a review for the highly-anticipated film as we get a little closer to that March 25th release. What do you think about the big ol’ Black Widow & Punisher roundup?




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