Evidence Is Starting To Stack Up That Peter Mayhew Is Returning as Chewbacca In STAR WARS: EPISODE VII


ChewybannerSix months ago if you would have asked me, not just me anybody really, about Peter Mayhew returning to the new Star Wars franchise as Chewbacca I would have said no way. The actor was relegated to a wheel chair and according to our own Josh Johnson who attended the Salt Lake City Comic Con where Mayhew was a guest, “That dude could barely stand up.”

However, Mayhew has been very vocal about playing Chewy in the new Star Wars series, and has taken steps to make it happen. Back in September he underwent a double knee replacement surgery as well as a tendon stretching procedure to stabilize his legs. After the surgery he had a long road of physical therapy to get him where he wanted to be.

Now, it appears that his hard work has paid off. Mayhew is the subject of a documentary titled, Standing in the Stars : The Peter Mayhew Story, and the Kickstarter that is funding the project has given the following updates on his surgery:

MayhewLiftingHowdy Chewbackers,

After many months of tireless effort we’re reaping the rewards.  Peter has taken to his feet. Two weeks ago, within 6 months of his surgery Peter has eliminated the wheelchair from his day to day life all together.  He’s built the strength to be able to stand on his own two feet and walk long distances without the use of the wheelchair that has bound him for the last few years.  In the last two weeks we’ve been to two conventions with him where he’s been able to traverse the entirety of the show without a wheelchair. Rehabilitation continues five days a week and 2-3 hours a day. The last two hurdles to overcome are balance and standing for extended periods of time unassisted.

Now here is where things get really interesting. According to the Comicpalooza, thanks to Coming Soon, comic convention in Houston, TX, Mayhew will not be able to attend. While that in its self isn’t that big of a deal, the reason is. They say that he will be filming during the con that is in May. Another thing to take away from the May date is that is the time frame in which Star Wars starts shooting.

With the rehab and the canceled Con appearance coupled with the fact that Mayhew doesn’t do a lot of filming at this stage in his career, signs seem to point that he is coming back as Han Solo’s faithful side kick for the new set of Star Wars movies. However, keep in mind that this all could be coincidence, and/or maybe he would just shoot some sort of cameo and leave Chewbacca to a younger actor who is a little more spry. It could really depend on how they are wanting to use the character. Click the source link below, to check out more photos of Mayhew’s progress as he goes through physical therapy or if you would like to contribute to the documentary’s Kickstarter. And as always check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on Star Wars.

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Source : Kickstarter