Everything We Know About Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special So Far


doctor who bannerFilming began this week on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. While a lot of things are still secret, the BBC have had to announce a few items sense filming would be going on out in the open. Today we have a rundown of all the latest developments with the special, who’s coming back, who’s not and who hasn’t been asked. Other than people sneaking some set photos, all of these things have been officially announced or shown off by the BBC. If you want to go into the special completely fresh, you might want to avoid these as they could be considered spoilers.

Let’s start off with who is coming back and who isn’t. We know David Tennant and Billie Piper are returning for the special, meaning 2 out of 3 “modern” Doctor’s will be present and accounted for. Christopher Eccleston could have made it 3 for 3 but he decided he wasn’t coming back. Now the tabloids were reporting he had said he would return, but then pulled out at the last second for some reason or another. The BBC, through Digital Spy, have said that that’s not the case. Eccleston was asked to come back and even met with Steven Moffat, but after talking it over he decided not to appear but he did wish everyone all the best. That’s the official line, but there’s still some doubt about whether the tabloids were actually right or the BBC were telling the truth. John Barrowman is still up in the air. He said he was, then he took to Twitter to say he wasn’t. We’ll just hold judgement on this one for a while.

Also not returning are any of the 20th Century Doctors. Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) was asked about returning (via DoctorWhoTV.UK). He and the older Doctors are working on a special Big Finish Audio play Doctors 4-8. When asked if any of them would appear in the special he said:

All of us want to do it, just for the fans – because that’s what they want. But we’ve heard nothing – Tom Baker’s heard nothing, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann… none of us have heard anything. I believe the BBC are doing a very big London convention coming up. All being well, I’ll be there.

Again, it depends on whether you believe him or not. Doctor Who was able to keep Jenna-Louise Colman‘s first appearance in Asylum of the Daleks a secret, so could they keep the biggest cameos ever a secret as well?

Finally, a bit of good news. One fan-favorite monster will be appearing in the special. They only appeared in one real episode, but they have maintained their popularity over the years. That’s right, the Zygons will be coming back to Doctor Who. The BBC officially announced that the shape-shifting aliens tied to the Loch Ness Monster will be back. They also unveiled the new look. It’s essentially the same as the old look, just made out of better material. The Zygons were spotted on set as filming kicked off earlier this week. David Tennant was also seen in his brown suit along with the old TARDIS. This seemingly confirms that Tennant will be the Doctor proper and not the alternate universe version that is a human/Time Lord hybrid. The pics come from various people on Twitter, but the Billie Piper Facebook fanpage collected them all. Is that The Doctor’s anti-grav bike from The Bells of Saint John in one of those set pictures?


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