Even Stan Lee Thinks AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Needs More Superheroes


stan leeAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems to have really found its feet in the second half of season one, but it’s still facing an uphill battle when it comes to winning back fans who checked out after the lackluster first half. By introducing Deathlok and bringing in the Marvel big guns of Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and Stan Lee, the show is hoping to lure back some of their wayward fans. When the show returns this coming Tuesday it will feature a very special came from The Man himself to really kick off the show’s new direction. Stan Lee recently spoke to IGN about his cameo as well as what he thinks about the show. It seems Lee agrees with the fans when it comes to one important detail.

Stan Lee‘s cameo is supposed to be a big affair that’s supposed to excite and surprise. When asked about his special role, Lee had not qualms about revealing the full context of his scene. The legendary comic creator appears to spill all the beans:

Yeah, I play a guy sitting on a train, and I see Agent Coulson arguing with Elizabeth Henstridge [Agent Simmons]. I don’t realize that they’re putting on an act for some reason that has to do with this story, but I get very upset about the way he’s talking to her — and I’m sitting with a couple of young ladies. I don’t know who they are or why I’m sitting with them, but they were attractive, so I was very happy to do it. So I get up, and I bring the two young ladies with me, and I walk over, and I give Agent Coulson a little tongue-lashing for the way he’s been talking to her — and that’s my role! I can’t wait to see it when it comes out.

stan leeThe writer was asked the obligatory questions about his body of work when it comes to cameos and what it was like writing the original S.H.I.E.L.D. stories, but the living legend had an interesting answer when asked if he liked seeing Coulson and some non comic book characters branch out into their own show:

Well, I guess they felt they had to have some normal people — or seemingly normal people — and certainly Clark is doing a very good job playing the role. I just feel that we also need more colorful characters to be popping up all the time. I don’t mean that Clark isn’t colorful as an actor, but what I mean is characters who as comic book characters are more colorful.

Stan Lee appears to be asking for the same thing fans of the show are- more comic book characters and superheroes. Lee is usually an overly positive guy when it comes to Marvel products, and while his comments are still very positive, this is the closest we’ve seen him come to offering a critique in a while. He does give the show credit when he’s asked his thoughts on Deathlok and Lady Sif showing up soon. He says “Yeah, that will be great. I think that’s what the show needs. I think people will tune in to see those characters and will enjoy seeing them in the context of being with normal people on a normal mission.

Maybe Stan used his time on set to share his sentiments with the writers. It does seem like they’re really turning things around in the back half of the season, but we’ll have to see if it’s too little too late. What do you think of Stan Lee‘s comments? Are you still a S.H.I.E.L.D. recruit or did you drop out last year?

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Source : IGN