Looks like the Winchesters are heading in for some big-town mess this time… Clans of monsters (vampires, werewolves, skin-walkers, etc.) are now mobster-ing up for control of the underworld in good ole’ Chicagoland. But, this time at the end, they will get new allies going in for the long haul with taking them all down.



Last year 2013 at San Diego Comic Con it was announced that SUPERNATURAL would be spinning off a new series based on a clan war between monsters and in dealing with families of hunters. This Tuesday, the pilot of the new series SUPERNATURAL: BLOODLINES takes off in a backdoor run episode of SUPERNATURAL season 9, episode 20, accordingly titled “Bloodlines”. The story mainly focuses on Ennis Roth (played by Lucien Laviscount), a cop in-training who becomes aware of and involved in the presence of the danger of monsters acting around Chicago’s underbelly when a loved one is tragically killed. He learns to become a hunter to which he will look to end it all. Alongside him, will be David Hayden(played by Nathaniel Buzolic), a skin-walker/shapeshifter who tried to live a normal life as a human until a similar tragedy falls his way the same. The two begin an uneasy alliance to rid the town of paranormal evils running the underworld there.


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Ennis working with Sam (left) and with Dean (right).


How will it all pan out? Who knows? The episode is to be penned by longtime SUPERNATURAL writer/producer Andrew Dabb, and directed by Robert Singer, so SPN fans will be assured of a good quality loyal product in the making.



David, the shapeshifter, pulling a gun no less, so much for being a monster. XD


My own personal thought: In the midst of Hollywood having its fill of the usual monster genre on TV and in film, it is easy to say that this might not bowl over well. With CW already running shows like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Beauty and the Beast, this show may the bad heavy meal that will bloat the gut of TV fandom for these types of shows for a bit on TV altogether. One thing we can hope is that this spin-off(if successful), will take off the load of tiresome monster genres that become filler episodes on the main SUPERNATURAL series. This can allow SUPERNATURAL itself to keep focus and regrow with its awesome main plot dealing the epic biblical and apocalyptic motifs geared by their current epic Heaven and/vs. hell showdowns. The actual plots that have been fueling the underlying story of the Winchesters and Castiel thrillingly for several seasons, not to mention the more spiritual events coinciding with those conflicts.

Whatever the case, let us see how this goes and where it goes. If you are curious, then check out SUPERNATURAL this Tuesday, April 29th, at 9/8 pm CT, on the CW.





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