Ellen Page On Reprising Her Role Of Kitty Pryde In Days Of Future Past


XMenDaysofFuturePastEllen Page was one of the first members of the old X-Men cast announced to return for Bryan Singer‘s kind-of First Class sequel, Days of Future Past. Page was the third actress to play Kitty Pryde, with Sumela Kay and Katie Stuart coming before her in the first and second X-Men movies respectively. Page was the fan-favorite Kitty and has since become a big star, so asking her to come back must have been a no-brainer. Collider recently caught up with Page and asked her about reprising the role.

If you’ve read the comic book the movie is based on, you know that Kitty Pryde has a huge role. She’s the one that sets all the events in motion when she sends her mind back in time to the body of her younger self. The old Kate Pryde, in her younger body, then warns the X-Men about the coming Sentinel threat. If the movie follow suits, Page will be getting a lot of screen time. Collider asked when she was approached about the film. Turns out it was pretty late in the game:

I didn’t know for that long.  I knew they were kind of doing it, but I didn’t expect it.  I didn’t expect to play Kitty Pryde again, so when that came up and I met with Bryan, because I didn’t work with Bryan I worked with Brett Ratner, it was just awesome.  I feel so grateful to be back… Really, truly, it’s not like something I’ve known for a year by any means.  I really didn’t know that long before we went to shoot.

kittyWhen the title Days of Future Past was announced, that was a pretty good indication that Kitty would be playing a part in the story. Page was asked if she had any idea about that and if she was a comic book fan:

No, because I’m going to be perfectly honest I was never really into comic books as a kid. So when the first X-Men popped up it was awesome because that was the first time I read about Kitty Pryde and thought she was awesome and wanted to do it obviously. No, I really did not. Really.

Finally, the actress touches on director Bryan Singer‘s tendency to Tweet behind the scenes pics while filming is going on. Page‘s costume was one of the first pictures released, so she was asked about Singer‘s Twitter addiction and what she thought of the reveal:

Yeah, He told me. I think that’s a great way to give information to people. The whole format and everything is changing so drastically and so quickly. If you said like two years ago, “Netflix is going to make a show, they’re going to release it all at once, and people are going to go apeshit over it,” like House of Cards, or “Netflix is going to do a whole new Arrested Development.” You probably would have been like, “Really?” You know? I mean, maybe that’s a bad analogy for this, but I think it’s great. I think it lets people kind of be involved, and the fans of X-Men are obviously so passionate, and into it, and excited. I just went on his Twitter the other day and saw this picture of Hugh and Nicholas Hoult walking down the hallway and I was like, “Cool.”

You can check out the rest of the interview from Collider by clicking here. It does look like Singer will be following the meat of the Days of Future Past comic even though we’ve heard about a lot of character addition that weren’t part of the original. What do you think? Will we see a lot of Kitty Pryde?

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Source : Collider