Elizabeth Olsen Teases Scarlet Witch’s Updated Costume For AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


scarlet witchIt was finally confirmed a few months back that Elizabeth Olsen would be teaming back up with her Godzilla co-star Aaron Taylor-Johnson for Joss Whedon‘s Avengers sequel. While the two play a couple in Godzilla, they’ll be the brother/sister duo of Pietro “Quicksilver” Maximoff and Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff in Age of Ultron. Not a lot is know about the twins other than a very spoilerific rumor (which you can read here). Whedon had hinted last year that we probably wouldn’t be seeing the character’s trademark headgear, but that’s all we’ve heard about the costume. Olsen didn’t reveal any specifics, but she did tease the costume further in a recent interview with Total Film.

Olsen was asked about her Avengers costume and if it would be faithful to the comics. Since Scarlet Witch looks like a fetish model most of the time, most assumed Whedon wouldn’t be 100% faithful to the source. Olsen confirms that it isn’t a direct adaptation of the character’s comic book duds, but it does respect them:

We’ve done some costume stuff, yeah! My favourite piece is my secrecy cloak that prevents anyone from seeing what I’m wearing. There’s a hood, and a robe – it protects the image!
I don’t think Joss ever would have hired me, honestly, if he wanted me to wear those outfits; I am not a professional athlete and nor am I a model. Wearing those costumes wouldn’t be fun for anyone who wasn’t those things. He already had a different idea. It respects and involves the comic-book character but it’s different, more rooted. It’s for someone today. [I]f someone walked around wearing what she wore in the comics, people would stop and say, ‘What the hell… she thinks she’s a superhero!’

With Avengers: Age of Ultron already filming in Africa, and more locations to follow, hopefully we see some set pictures of Olsen out and about in her costume. The secrecy cloak will be a problem for the paparazzi, but the actress will have to be filming a scene outdoors in the near future. What do you think about the actress’ comments? What do you hope Joss Whedon‘s version of Scarlet Witch looks like?

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Source : Total Film via SuperHeroMovieNews