Elizabeth Olsen Confirms She’s The Scarlet Witch In AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON


scarlet witchSamuel Jackson spilled the beans a few months ago, but Elizabeth Olsen has finally admitted that she is indeed going to play the Scarlet Witch in Joss Whedon‘s Avengers sequel. The actress talked a little bit about the role in a recent interview with MTV.

Olsen has been attached to the role for a few months now, but apparently she’s just recently gotten the green light to start talking about it. She confirms that she will be reuniting with her Godzilla costar Aaron Taylor-Johnson to play the super powered brother/sister duo. The news is a little funny considering the two play husband and wife in Godzilla. If Whedon had decided to go with the Ultimate comics interpretation of the characters, then that relationship would have transferred over really well. Olsen talks about the awkward situation Jackson‘s comments put her in and what it’s like working with Taylor-Johnson again so soon:

Now Sam Jackson has released me from that awkwardness. Yeah, we get to play husband and wife and now we get to play twin brother and sister. Even though we play husband and wife in Godzilla, we didn’t have a lot of scenes together. I love him, I love his family, I love his kids, and I’m so excited we actually get to work with each other more. I think it’s going to be fun.

Now that we know she’s actually in the movie, the next question is what will the character look like. Scarlet Witch has a very…let’s go with unique look in the comics. Joss Whedon will probably change that up and make things more functional. He’s already hinted that the character’s headpiece probably won’t be seen on screen. Olsen was asked if she has seen sketches or costume designs. While she hasn’t seen anything solid just yet, she has been told about the costume:

I just know about it. It’s been talked about. It’s so fun! Joss is very smart. He’s too smart. Some people are too smart for their own good, but yeah he’s amazing.

So that’s the final piece of confirmation we’ve been waiting to get. James Spader is Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is Quicksilver, and Elizabeth Olsen will be the Scarlet Witch. There may be more characters and heroes introduced in the film, but the major players have been cast. What do you think about Olsen finally admitting she’s in the film? Are you happy with the Scarlet Witch casting?

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Source : MTV