Elijah Wood Talks Shooting The Hobbit In 3D And 48 FPS


Elijah Wood has a lot of irons in the fire. He is the voice of the main character on the Disney XD Tron cartoon, his show Wilfred is gearing up  for a second season, and he comes back for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit this December. While out talking about Wilfred, he spoke briefly on The Hobbit and Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot in a new style, 48 frames per second.

About returning for The Hobbit:

The thing that’s great about The Hobbit is that, returning to that space, it’s largely the same group of people who had made The Lord of the Rings – a lot of the same crew members and creative heads of departments, and stuff. I was definitely aware of the fact that there were more trucks now and more trailers, and the production feels larger in scale. On a technological level, obviously that’s a huge part of it, as well. But, at the end of the day, it’s still the same group of people, making it very much in the same spirit as The Lord of the Rings, so that intimacy and that family aspect on set is still the same.

About shooting in 3D and 48 FPS:

It’s really cool to see the 3D on set, and to know what the images ultimately look like. The technology is so good now. I remember, years and years and years ago, video assist was really rudimentary and watching playback was so rudimentary. It only gave you a sense of what the image was really going to look like, especially when you were shooting on film and getting a video feed. Until you actually see dailies, you can’t see what the image looks like. Now, because The Hobbit is being shot digitally, we’re seeing a full HD image, in 3D, pretty much exactly as it’s going to look when it’s thrown up onto a big screen. That’s amazing! And, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of it. They can do a lot of the tweaking on the day, which is really cool.

It’s really interesting to think that what Wood and the other Hobbit actors are watching in the daily rushes is the 48fps 3D that will be seen up on the big screen. Shooting in 3D is par for the course now, but watching the rushes in 3D is very unusual. Peter Jackson could possibly break new ground with The Hobbit and the way it’s being shot. While the film will be good, the thing that the jury is still out on is the 48fps. If that turns out good, it could be the next stage in film making.


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Source : Collider