Either Nobody Got Scott Lobdell’s Joke Or SUPERBOY Is Really Going To Die


superboyDuring DC Comics‘ recently wrapped Superman panel at New York Comic Con, current Superman family writer Scott Lobdell shocked those in attendance with an offhand comment that was either a joke that flew over everyone’s head or a big spoiler for the end of his Krypton Returns crossover.

While talking about the big Krypton Returns event that will see the Super Family going back before the destruction of Kypton to stop He’L, Lobdell revealed that the end would see Superboy sacrificing his life to save the universe. Lobdell‘s comments seemed odd considering the things he laid out:

[Superboy makes] the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in order to stop the universe from falling apart,” Lobdell told the crowd, semi-spoiling the ending of the upcoming “Krypton Returns” story arc. From “Superboy” #26 on, the titular star of the comic will be Jon Lane Kent, the original son of Clark and Lois from an alternate future. Lobdell also announced that Supergirl “will be leaving the Superman family forever, for another whole set of books in the DC Universe.

Lobdell also promised Parasite will show up in “Action Comics,” who then attacks Lois Lane — though according to the writer, Superman decides to let Parasite act as a leech on Lois Lane, adding that he was more interested in “flawed” heroes than a Superman who always does the right thing.

Lobdell is notorious for pulling fans’ legs and being an outright troll at times, but various fans and media outlets in attendance didn’t think the writer was joking. At Las Vegas Comics Expo last moth Lobdell deadpanned that he had been fired from Teen Titans, so it’s hard to tell. CBR points out Superman #25′s solicit info and it seems to give the statement a little credence:

“KRYPTON RETURNS” concludes! Months before its explosion, Superman finds himself locked in combat against H’El! Can he find a way to save the planet? A most unexpected foe stands in his path: Jor-El! A hero will fall during this epic adventure!

So I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The writer may have said such an outlandish thing to distract from the fact Supergirl would be leaving the Super Family of books. What do you think? Did Lobdell‘s joke get the intended effect from fans or did he just reveal part of the end of his upcoming story?

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Source : CBR