Either Anthony Daniels Confirmed Himself For STAR WARS EPISODE VII Or He Is Just Toying With Our Emotions

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Ah Star Wars. No other film franchise has brought sheer joy as well as pure frustration quite like Star Wars. With Episode VII gearing up to start production next year, a lot of people have asking who would be involved in the project. Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill are all rumored to be a part of it. There are also rumors that Ewen McGregor might even be popping back up. Even Peter Mayhew, despite his recent surgeries on his knees, is planning on trying to suit back up as Chewbacca.

What about everyone’s favorite droids R2D2 and C-3P0? While it will remain to be seen what they will do with R2, Anthony Daniels may have just confirmed himself for the next set of movies. While doing a Q&A at New York Comic Con, an audience member had this exchange with Daniels regarding the topic:

1316141177225_ORIGINALAudience member: You’re the only actor who did all six movies.

AD: Yeah. I’m the only one who did all six movies.

Audience: And maybe seven?

AD: That was sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. There was a “Clones War” movie, I think, I’m not sure about that. I lose track. Yes, I’m the only actor to be in all seven, because either people died or they got—

[Audience gasps]

AD: Six, whatever!


AD: I didn’t mean it. [Daniels looks up, and begins speaking to George Lucas at the imaginary hidden cameras.] I was just teasing them! All right, I’ll see you later then

So while this confirms or denies nothing, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Daniels portraying everyone’s favorite Protocol Droid again. However, the way things are going don’t look for a casting announcement on not only C-3P0, but any of the major cast anytime soon. Make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy for the latest on Star Wars Episode VII.


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