Efforts Were Made And Squashed To Get SPIDER-MAN To Crossover With THE AVENGERS


spiderman2trailerIt’s the age old question when it comes to Marvel and the movie rights to their characters. When, if at all, will we see Spider-Man (who is owned by Sony) or The X-Men and Fantastic Four (who are owned b Fox) join The Avengers in an epic crossover event? That question seems to be greeted by the same answer. Never.

However, actors try and give us hope. Hugh Jackman for one always tries to be a ray of sunshine in the cloudiness that is inner studio debate on whether or not characters will crossover. Jackman has stated time and time again that while it doesn’t look good, he wouldn’t necessarily rule out him as Wolverine joining Iron Man and the crew at some point.

SpideryAvengersJoining him in this fight is current Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield. While attending a press junket for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Garfield was asked if he thought it could happen. “I say ‘never say never’, you know. I think everyone would love to see that,” he explained to Yahoo. “I would love that. I know that the fans would love that, the fans of the Marvel universe… the more the merrier, the bigger the better.”

While it hasn’t happened yet that doesn’t mean attempts have been made. There were rumors that during the first Avengers movie, the Oscorp building was really close to be put into the skyline of New York. While he doesn’t confirm that specifically, director Marc Webb did say that there were some efforts to get the character into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. “There’s efforts that were made, but obviously nothing came to fruition,” Webb explained.

Fans should not hold their breather when it comes to Spider-Man mixing it up with The Avengers. Yes, efforts have been made, but business is business and at the end of the day studios do not think it’s a good look for a character they own the rights to popping up with a rival studio. Check out the video below to hear more from Webb and Garfield, as well as some other stars of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and check out the movie when it hits theaters on May 2nd later this year.

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