Edmondson’s Black Widow And Punisher Finally Crossing Paths In ‘Friend From Foe’


p2When Nathan Edmondson was announced as the writer of both Black Widow and Punisher, fans thought a crossover featuring two of Marvel‘s most deadly characters was inevitable. While it took a little longer than expected, the two highly-trained killers will finally be crossing paths in the 9th issues of their respective series. Edmondson‘s story, interestingly titled Friend From Foe, will hit this August with regular series artists Mitch Gerads (Punisher) and Phil Noto (Black Widow). The writer spoke with CBR about the crossover and how it could possibly lead to a third title.

Edmondson said that the story running in issue #9 of each series is the same story told from two different perspectives. It will be accessible to readers even if they don’t pick up both issues, but they will obviously get a lot more from it if they do. While the writer wouldn’t divulge too many details about the plot, he did tease what he could:

It’s on a boat! A big one, and the story is all about the mystery of this boat and the journey that has led both characters right to it at the same time.
The story does carry on from the previous “Punisher” issue where Punisher was engaged with Crossbones, so you can do the math there and see what’s connected that issue to the next one (or maybe it will indeed be a surprise). Crossbones is a mercenary, and he’s doing someone’s bidding; there’s an interesting triangle here of duties between him, Natasha and Frank. All three are moving around the central mystery I mentioned above.

While the crossover only takes place over two issues, there will be some small carryover in both series moving forward. Edmondson states that the series won’t become too intertwined, but “we may see some ripple effects where certain parts of each character’s world will cross into the other’s — and perhaps into a third title, as well!” Whether that third title will be a Punisher/Black Widow series or something else entirely is just something we’ll have to wait and see. Edmondson has done a great job relaunching both characters, so it will be interesting to see what he’s setting up with the long-awaited crossover. You can read the rest of the writer’s comments at the source link below. What do you think about Frank and Natasha finally crossing paths?


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