EDITORIAL: Today Was Suppose To Be A Happy Day



We all woke up to some disturbing and sad news today.  12 people were killed and 59 were wounded in a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises in a Colorado Theater by a deranged assassin.

What I am writing is just a mixture of emotions and anger, is just me upset, talking to maybe some of you readers out there.

I dont have family in Aurora Colorado…but man do I feel down today…Watching the news, thinking of the kids in the theater, the people that just wanted to see a movie, that lined up for hours waiting to have a good time.

People who were eagerly waiting  for this movie to come out, who were speculating about it for months, who dressed up as their favorite character, people who took time off from work to see this movie.

There are kids that never made it home to their parents, and these  parents will not see their kids today and ask “how was the movie? did you had fun?” That’s not happening.

It is a tragedy that human lives were lost thanks to a stupid psychopathic piece of trash that I won’t even name here. But what hurts me the most is knowing that 6 year old kids died. I am not a father but I have nephews, cousins and have worked with children most of my life, and I can only imagine what these parents and loved ones are going through, I can only imagine.  We usually dont write in depth about this issues here at the site, but this event hit me right in the spot.

I am almost in tears and i am not afraid to say so. Im a little shaken and can’t think straight so sorry about my ramblings and if my words don’t make sense to some of you please forgive me.

As a fan of comic books and movies I can’t  seem to grasp why someone will do this act of terror. This could have happened in any part of the world, but it happened in Aurora Colorado. Now thanks to this idiot, fans are not gonna be able to dress up as their favorite character in the movie theaters, or maybe even conventions. Costumed charity groups that do a tremendous wonderful job volunteering and doing  fundraisers like the Arizona Avengers or the Justice League Arizona will be probably affected by this tragic event, since they are asked to  dress up in characters  by studio reps at  theaters to bring more smiles and a fun experience to the moviegoers .

This is a shame, but it is also understandable.

Now, why will someone choose to end the lives of innocent children and people in general in a movie theater were people are looking for a good time? Why?

Please lets not turn this into a political thing, gun control, no gun control blah blah, we are talking about human lives here!

The Comic Book Therapy team sends prayers and condolences to all those affected in this horrific event

I really don’t know what else to say or do except, hug someone you love and never take them for granted.


Be safe and stay strong Colorado.




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