Editorial: AlbinoDarkBeast On The Various Responses To The Aurora Shooting; Plus He Goes Postal On Some Schmuck


On July 24th, we posted a picture of Christian Bale visiting one of the Aurora, CO victims at the hospital on our Facebook page. Within less than 12 hours, it had generated more that 4,000 visits and more than 200 comments. The positive input from our readers was humbling and overwhelming. I feel proud to participate in what is essentially one big humanitarian group that can empathize and engage as fast.

There were, however, some very offensive and inflammatory responses. Messages filled with hate and prejudice, misguided and derogatory. I usually pay these people no mind, but one user in particular caught my attention because of his swift and hateful response. I found him particularly offensive, not because of his mindless rambling against our site, but because of his blatant disregard to the victims and their families.I’d like to call him out with this letter (and with him, all those who may feel aggravated by it). I want him to realize that one’s personal freedoms end exactly where our neighbors’ begin, and such comments should not be tolerated by any intelligent and empathic human being.
His name is Jamison Brown 

Dear Mr Brown:

Please, allow me to address your succinct comment briefly. First off, I would like to clarify on behalf of the CBT staff that we take pride in our capacity to be inclusive, understanding and generally well-meaning. Our medium being fantasy, it has a great appeal to younger generations, which is why we moderate our language and content appropriately. Your comment would have been better appreciated as a private message, since you have deemed it fitting to employ expletives to better convey your emotions.

Second, we steer away from controversy simply because our writing duties so rarely demand that we address such issues on a frequent basis. This time, however, it really hit close to home. We’re talking about a tragedy that happened to coincide with an activity we enjoy so much that it drove us to build a site around it. We can’t help but relate. That could have been us. Those could have been our families, our children. While any and all shootings are uniquely tragic and regrettable, this particular instance drew our attention because of its random nature and its association with a hobby we promote actively. The negative ramifications are abundant and, sometimes, far-fetched.

Sadly, many people will make a religious or political agenda out of what should be a compelling motivation to unite and rush to aid. Many more will point their fingers towards all those things we love on our free time. For the Nth time, video games will be blamed, comic books will be vilified, movies satanized. We don’t like that. We don’t think we have it in us to end a random life and yet we watch action films, play video games and read comic books avidly. This, to us, is as preposterous as different views on gun legislation seem to be to you.

You are completely right about your constitutional right to bear arms. Your Constitution is free to download and it’s every citizen’s right and duty to comprehend it fully, as is the case for every democracy. However, allow me to point out the following:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” (Thomas Jefferson)

But a militia is a body of citizens organized for military service. By definition, to be allowed to bear a weapon legally, you must be trained on how to use it. And this doesn’t mean just knowing to squeeze the trigger rather than to pull it. It means a dedication to learning its use, the organization that provides cohesion to armed forces, the knowledge and training to survive combat. Should this be fully enforced, very few people would own guns legally.

This is where the message on behalf of the entire staff at CBT ends and my own letter begins. You will find it offensive and I’m glad.

You speak of our precarious education and yet you spell like you have some sort of learning impediment. I’m glad you do, because this only enforces the ignorant, self-righteous, gun-weilding redneck stereotype that comes with owning big guns for the sake of it. I apologize to other gun-owners. I’m at least smart enough to know that stereotypes are a self-perpetuating form of prejudice, that all prejudice comes from ignorance and that explosive reactions to minor stimuli are indicative of some kind of disorder. Not all firearm enthusiasts are sociopath, but you fit the aforementioned stereotype so well, I find it hard to believe you’re not just doing it to prank us.

I own a handgun myself. One’s point of view in that respect changes when you have interests to protect. As a homeowner, as a family man, I realize all too well the need for a weapon for self-defense.

However, I can’t think of a situation outside the realm of a zombie apocalypse that would warrant me buying military weaponry. I’m not bending over to the government. I’m being realistic. I excercise my civil rights and raise my voice when my interests are at stake; I very much rather pay close attention to politics as they unfold to prevent such situations than to react forcefully and live in a constant state of paranoia.

To all those affected by the Aurora shooting, I send my condolences. Not being a man of faith, I cannot say I pray for you, but as a fellow human being your loss touched me deeply, and I will do anything within my power to help you.

To Mr Brown: Grab a dictionary. Nothing fancy, a pocket grade-school dictionary will do (baby-steps, you know). Read it, then re-read whatever documents you feel have shaped your opinions and see if a little light reading helped you understand beyond the truths you find most comfortable. Then look up “empathy”. Then -for once- do something for your fellow humans.

P.S. Oh and Mr. Joshua Lockner:  regarding your comment “Guns don’t kill people… Retards like comic book therapy do”.. well…I really don’t need to reply to you….

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