Edgar Wright Teases Plenty Of ANT-MAN Puns And Possibly Hank Pym’s Suit


ant-manDirector Edgar Wright is a very active guy when it comes to using the internet. He uses Twitter more than most directors, he interacts with fans through his social media accounts, and he even maintains his own blog called Edgar Wright Here. He likes to post a picture a day of things he finds funny, stuff he likes, and occasionally what he’s working on now. Wright‘s most recent teasers just happen to be Ant-Man related. While he doesn’t include any explanations about the pictures, they do give us some things to think about.

Wright‘s picture of the day for the last two days focus on Ant-Man, the long gestating Marvel film he’s been working on since 2008, which will begin filming in Georgia soon. The newest teaser shows off what appears to be the Ant-Man script, the director’s notes, or some similar thing with purple page markers scattered throughout. The answer to what is being marked was revealed thanks to a Twitter exchange. After the picture was posted a fans theorized and hoped that it was “one for each ant/size related pun.Wright applied in the affirmative with a short and sweet “Bingo.” While there’s probably a good amount of humor overall, we get an idea of how pun-erfific the movie may be.



The other teaser is a day older, but it offers up the most intriguing tease yet. Wright had previously shared his very, very, very rough sketches of what he calls storyboards and a few small miniatures that are probably being used so he can think about how to frame a shot. The one you see below shows off the old school Ant-Man costume. Many have theorized that this is to tease Michael DouglasHank Pym and how he’ll get some sweet 1960s action. That is most definitely Hank Pym‘s Ant-Man costume, and I guess if I squint hard enough the miniature does look a little bit like Douglas. Regardless of what Wright is trying to hint at with the image, it shoes he’s at least thinking about Pym‘s costume. Maybe he’ll show off a tiny little Ant-Man helmet next.ant-man douglas

With Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd locked in as Pym and Scott Lang, and filming beginning soon, hopefully we’ll get some pictures that aren’t of the miniature variety. What do you think about Wright‘s two little Ant-Man teasers? Do you think we’ll actually see Michael Douglas suited up as the pint-sized hero? Ant-Man will finally hit theaters July 17, 2015.

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Source : EdgarWrightHere.Com