Edgar Wright on Why he Waited to Film Ant-Man



Long before there was an Iron Man film, or a Thor or Captain America: The First Avenger and of course before we had the box office juggernaut Avengers, Marvel Studios signed Shaun of the Dead director to oversee an adaptation of Ant-Man. The film has been gestating ever since, lost in the nothingness of development hell. But there is a reason why Wright has prolonged the film and after hearing it, I’m OK with it.

Wright, as we know, is the director of several popular geekish films, namely Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the upcoming The World’s End, which is the final film in his “Blood and Ice Cream” trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Part of the reason for the delay on his Ant-Man project was because he wanted to finished these films first and it was his decision to do so.

“I actually made the choice to make Scott Pilgrim and The World’s End before this one. And Ant-Man is such a big special-effects film, it’s almost like the further it goes on, the easier it is to do, in a way. I feel more confident now, but I can’t talk about it too much because I get superstitious. I just feel like I don’t want to jinx it… I’ve learned a lot in the last five years, and now I’m ready to do something big and crazy. Or, I should say, small.”

I like his thinking in regards to special effects. That industry has made huge progress in the last few years, which will in turn make it easier and less expensive for him to create an Ant-Man movie that fans will enjoy. As it stands now, the film is set for a November 2015 release, the first film in Marvel’s Phase Three of their shared movie universe. Filming is expected to begin sometime next year, though it is unclear if that will happen after Avengers 2, which is slated to film in the UK next spring, wraps up, or if they will film simultaneously. Edgar Wright co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish.

You can check out a video of the awesome sizzle reel that was shown at last year’s SDCC by clicking HERE, as well as numerous screen caps. Not sure about you guys, but Ant-Man is pretty high up on my list of Marvel films after seeing that test footage. The next few years are quite promising!

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Source : EW