Edgar Wright On The Ant-Man Delay And Some Of The Story’s Themes

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ant-man bannerEdgar Wright has been going all across the world promoting The World’s End and talking to anyone and everyone about how much he loves the film and wants people to go out and see it. If you’ve seen the film you know why he’s so excited about it. The other great thing about press for that movie is we’re hearing a little about his next film, Ant-Man. Wright is still secretive about the movie that’s been in the works since the early 2000s, but he is revealing a few hits and tidbits about what’s in store for the inch-high hero. We know Hank Pym will be involved in form or fashion, but Ultron won’t have any involvement in the story. Today Wright has talked a little about the film’s delay and what sort of themes the script explores.

ant-manIn a lengthy chat with the folks over at CinemaBlend, the writer and director touched on one of the reasons the film has been put on a shelf for nearly 7 years. As you may know, Shaun Of The Dead kicked off what has been called the Cornetto Trilogy featuring Shaun, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Wright wanted to get the final film of the trilogy out due to some health issues his executive producer had:

I had a chance to do Ant-Man two years ago, but I put it on the back burner to do this. Aside from the fact that I wanted to do The World’s End, you know, you probably read about this in an earlier interview, out executive producer got ill and he was the person who basically gave us our break, and suddenly it hit me so hard in terms of on a number of levels. If something terrible happened and I had not made good on my promise that I’d do a third film, I would never, I would regret it forever. We owe this man our career, because he saved Shaun of the Dead from like turnaround, and he wants us to do another movie. We want him to see it and let’s make this movie. So, I went in to Marvel and said, I really want to do Ant-Man, but I can’t do it right now, and this is why, and they said, that’s very laudable, like we totally understand. Of course we want to make the movie anyway, but that’s something else personal coming to it. The great news is that he is fine and he likes, and loves it and is as proud of it as we are.

While Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright have said they want to work together again and have a few ideas of what to do next, the Cornetto Trilogy has come to an end. After a month long vacation, Wright will start work on Ant-Man later this year. He was asked if there was pressure to take on a character with such a rich comic book history:

You know what, like because there’s never been a film adaptation of that character, I think it’s OK. If it was a remake of a film from 30 years ago, then I would be a hypocrite, but because it’s never been made into a movie ever. And also, to be honest, there are elements in that script that actually do continue themes from the other movies, an unlikely hero, a chance at redemption, and so, it’s not something, it’s going to be, it will be different, but I think it will still feel like one of my films.

It’s interesting that he mentions a chance at redemption for the hero. Hank Pym could possibly have to correct a problem he created through one of his experiments or Scott Lang may have to overcome his criminal background after he steals the Ant-Man gear. We’ll have to wait a few months before we know anything for sure, but it gives us something to think about. What do you think of Wright‘s latest Ant-Man comments?


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Source : Cinemablend