Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson No Longer Attached to Play Lobo


2012-07-17-rock_as_loboWarner Brothers have had a Lobo film in the works for some time now and it came as a surprise a while back to learn that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced, via his Twitter account, that he was in talks to play the intergalactic biker bad-ass. But since then, we’ve been left in the dark in regards to the status of the film.

Dwayne Johnson is gearing up for another busy year, as he is taking part in severl big films this year, including what are sure to be two big box office hits in GI Joe: Retaliation with Bruce WIllis and Channing Tatum, as well as the sixth film in the Fast & Furious franchise, alongside Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. While out promoting his next film, Snitch, Johnson is asked about his role in WB potential Lobo film.

“It was [something that I was going to do] for a minute, but then it kind of just went away, as things happen in Hollywood. For a minute, I was interested in it, but then it went away.”

Johnson says that for his next project, he will be working with The Last Stand director Brett Ratner on his adaptation of Hercules. If WB continues to move forward with their Lobo film, it won’t star Dwayne Johnson. Some fans will see this as a good thing, as Johnson was a bit of a controversial casting in regards to the role.

Again, no word on the status of the film, or whether WB and DC Comics are activiely looking for a replacement. As with everything else at the studio, they could be waiting to see how Man of Steel performs this summer before mvoing forward with any other comic book properties. That is only speculation of course. Who’d you like to see take on the Lobo character now that Johnson is out of the running?

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Source : MTV News