Dwayne Johnson Confirms He Has Been Meeting With Warner Bros. About A DC Movie


dwayne johnsonDwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently did one of his patented Rock Talk Twitter Q&A’s. The man who was recently named the top grossing actor of 2013 fielded all manner of questions from wrestling, his big movie year, and what the future holds for him. One interesting thing he revealed is that he has recently spoken to Warner Bros. about something DC related for 2014.

When asked the obligatory what Marvel or DC character he’d like to play question, Johnson revealed that he was already talking to DC about something. The actor has been on record man times that he’d like to play Shazam/Captain Marvel villain Black Adam, and he has even been attached to a Lobo movie at one point. While Johnson wouldn’t say what he was talking about, he says things are pretty serious:

With the recent news that Man of Steel has halted any attempts at a Shazam movie in the near future, this could be about that Lobo movie we heard a lot about the last year or so. Brad Peyton was the latest person to be attached to the project, announced as the writer and director back in 2012 after Guy Ritchie dropped out. Johnson revealed he was in talks for the role, but it seems that movie has been shelved. Maybe it got back on track. Batman vs. Superman starts filming in 2014, so maybe that’s what the actor is talking about. He could be playing a different role or maybe Lobo has a cameo. It seems to be packed already, so what’s one more cameo? What do you think about The Rock’s comments?

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