Double Deadpool: Rob Liefeld Recreates The Movie Test Footage Plus The Video Game Gets A New Trailer


deadpool-movie-ryan-reynolds-gives-an-updateDeadpool has been doing well in the worlds of comic books and video games, but not so much in movie world. The Merc with the Mouth‘s movie has been in development hell for a long, long time now. Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, and screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wrnick have still been beating the drums and staying positive about the possibility of it eventually getting made. It seems it’s all up to Fox and whether or not they want to make a hard “R” superhero film. The farthest filming has gone is a three minute test footage/teaser trailer with Reynolds in full costume directed by Tim Miller. We’ve been told it may see the light of day sometime and that it is really, really awesome. While we still don’t get to see the actual footage just yet, Rob Liefeld gave us the next best thing- him reenacting it shot for shot.  At this past weekend’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention, Liefeld delighted fans by performing the test reel.

The title promised some double Deadpool, so for the second shot we have a brand new preview of the video game coming out next week on all gaming platforms. Marvel posted the brand new trailer a little earlier today. You can check it out below Liefeld‘s rendition of the test reel.

You can check out the reenactment below, but here’s a paraphrased transcript from CBM via MTV if you might have missed something:

The screen opens and it looks like a fully costumed Deadpool is sitting on a bench. His back is to you… he has earbuds on listening to music and turns to say, while waving, “Oh, hi there!”

deadpoolHe takes his earbuds out and says, “I need to get back to you… I have some business to take care of.” Then the camera goes above him and he’s now sitting on the edge of a highway overpass.

You see cars driving below him and Deadpool jumps off of the overpass. There’s a black SUV going underneath and he crashes through the moon roof. He’s then sitting in the backseat next to these two black-suited, Men In Black-like thugs. Deadpool says, “Hey guys, how you doin’?”

Deadpool stabs one while shooting the other. Two guys in front of Deadpool have machine guns and turn to fire at him. He goes low in the SUV and slides down to shoot the two goons. The driver turns in astonishment and Deadpool shoots him.

The driver goes flying out the window and tumbles onto the freeway. There’s another SUV that sees this and turns around with more goons bringing out machine guns and start firing at Deadpool while it’s driving toward the first SUV. (It is assumed that Deadpool has gotten out of the SUV he smashed into but this is not said clearly by Liefeld.)

Deadpool blocks some incoming bullets with his sword then jumps up high and throws some throwing stars through the windows of the other SUV at the new attackers. The driver of the second SUV doesn’t pay attention and hits the first SUV causing the vehicle to flip up into the air.

With the SUV in the air, Deadpool is standing under it while it’s still in the air and (apparently this part is a slo-mo sequence) Deadpool takes out a drawing of the driver and shows it to him while he’s still in the airborne SUV. Deadpool points at the drawing of the driver and then at the driver. Deadpool then pulls out another drawing of the driver with his head cut off. The driver sees all of this and give Deadpool a “HUH?!” look and sound while the SUV is still in mid-air.

The SUV lands after being airborne and Deadpool approaches the driver, who is now half hanging out of the car. Deadpool reaches for his sword and… SLICE! Chops off the driver’s head and it goes rolling off the body. Deadpool sheaths his sword and sees another guy coming toward him on a motorcycle. Deadpool jump kicks him off the bike and at the same time lands on the motorcycle. Now with Deadpool on the bike, he waves to the dude he just kicked off the bike and speeds away on the highway.

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