Doomsday Gets A Pumped Up Redesign In The New 52


Doomsday was announced as part of DC‘s Villains Month kicking off in September, but we didn’t get a really good look at him on the cover that was released. We know that Greg Pak and artist Brett Booth will be bringing the behemoth that killed Superman to the pages of Batman/Superman #3.1. Pak has described how the books is set up by saying it’s about a little girl who asks her father about Doomsday and the two trade scary bedtime stories..then the other shoe drops. We’ll be seeing a lot of Doomsday stories being explored as we find out what’s the truth and what is fiction. Because there will be different stories within the issue, we’ll see different designs for Doomsday. DC revealed on of those today on their What’s New In The New 52 blog. They tease:

In The New 52, the legends surrounding this character have become stories told to terrify Kryptonians. Nobody knows who created him, where he comes from, or even dares to utter his name louder than in a whisper. But are the various myths about what the Doomsday creature is real? Was he really let loose on an army? And if nobody knows the truth behind this villain’s origin, is there really a way to stop him?

It looks like Doomsday got some bike shorts and hit the gym hard since the last time we saw him. This is only one of the different designs we’ll see in the issue, but one of them eventually has to be the “real” Doomsday. You can check out the cover for Doomsday‘s Villains Month issue below the new design. What do you think of the Doomsday looks we’ve seen so far?



doomsday cover

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Source : DC The Source