Don’t Expect Superman To Get Any Fatherly Advice From Jor-El In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN


Russell-Crowe-Jor-El-Henry-Cavill-Kal-El-Krypton1Regardless of how you feel about Man Of Steel, many people agree that Russell Crowe as Jor-El was one of the bright spot in the movie. The Australian actor stepped in and made the role his own after many thought it would be impossible to break out from Marlon Brando’s shadow. Not only did make the Krypton scenes emotional but they were meaningful as well.

So that leads us to the big million dollar question. Will Crowe be back for Batman Vs. Superman to lend Henry Cavill’s Superman some advice if he needs it? “I don’t think they’re going to use me again. I think they’re jumping onto a different stream,” he told Yahoo. “You know, they’re going with the different superhero worlds colliding.”

This all makes sense, if you remember in Man of Steel, the key that Superman wear around his neck for most of the movie, and also powered his ship was destroyed when they took out The World Engine. So unless Clark finds another Fortress of Solitude scout ship, the odds that we see Crowe again are pretty slim. However, if anything changes, we will keep you up to date  right here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Yahoo