Don’t Expect Aaron Eckhart To Stop By GOTHAM, But He Has Advice For The Next TWO-FACE


two-faceWith the news that Gotham will introduce a lot of Batman‘s most notorious villains before they actually become the big time baddies we all know and loath, it’s not too far of a leap to expect we will see Harvey Dent appear in an episode. Catwoman, Riddler, and the Penguin have all been confirmed, but there are surely more rogues on the way. While doing press for I, Frankenstein, former Harvey Dent/Two-Face actor Aaron Eckhart was asked if he would be up for reprising his role in the upcoming TV series.

When asked if he had any ambition to return to Gotham after his outing in The Dark Knight, Eckhart says that that particular chapter in his life is done:

How old is Harvey? [Laughs] I mean, they might want to give it to a younger guy. I don’t know. I feel like I was blessed enough to be in a pretty special version of that, to work with Chris [Nolan], Heath [Ledger] and everybody. I feel like I’m done there. I think that was a one-off thing. It was always interesting to see who takes it on next, like they’re doing with Batman and Superman.

The actor is excited to see what the next guy that takes on the role does with it since these characters can be reinvented in new movies and shows, but he does have some advice for whoever becomes the indecisive villain next:

Play it for real. I think Heath set the standard, set the bar, for those kinds of movies. Give it everything you got. Don’t treat it tongue in cheek. These superheroes are superheroes for a reason. They stand up for good, they stand up for society when society is helpless. Batman uses his own resources to help Gotham City. I think we need those. If you treat those with reality…Chris was really true to the reality of that city, corruption, you know? I think that’s why that movie is special.

You can click over to MTV at the source link if you’d like to see the video of the interview. Eckhart was a great Harvey and a good Two-Face, but he could have used some more screen time. But I mean when you’re up against Heath Ledger‘s Joker, you take what you can get. It will be interesting to see how Gotham plays with Harvey‘s origins, if they even end up using the character. Nolan presented a pretty straightforward story so the more comic book-themed Gotham could have a little more fun with it to differentiate itself from the movies. What do you think about Eckhart‘s comments? Would you have wanted him to be Gotham‘s Harvey Dent?


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Source : MTV