Don’t Expect A Damian Wayne Resurrection Anytime Soon


damian bannerIt was certainly a shock when Damian Wayne, the current Robin, died. Sure it was announced in every form of media out there, but it was still a surprising moment. With all comic book deaths and the fact Damian is the son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, many readers started to look for death loopholes like the Al Ghul’s family Lazarus Pit just to name the most prominent one. Grant Morrison said not to look for Damian‘s return for a good long while in a recent interview.

Morrison talked about his run on Batman Inc. and how he decided to kill Damian. He actually wanted to kill off the pint-sized terror a lot earlier in his comic book run. Even before DC‘s New 52:

Yeah, I always thought he should go from being a really unpleasant, aristocratic brat to being the son of Batman, to be a great little superhero. And I thought initially, we could do that in four issues. But it wasn’t really the way to do it, I think. To do it over six years was much better, because it spans generations of comic book readers, you know? They’ve taken the character quite seriously and accepted him as Robin. So it made it much more powerful to do it over that length of time. And I’m glad I didn’t kill him off.

I’ve always liked him, even when he was horrible! [Laughs.] So yeah, there were moments, you know? I could have written Batman and Robin a lot longer, and Damian could have had more of a life. I would have taken him up to the age of 14, where then he sells his soul to Dr. Hurt, or to the devil, and I’d play out that story. But you know… it just didn’t play that way.

damian deathHe may have went about it the long way, but we all know how everything played out. Morrison was asked about the permanence of comic book deaths and if he would be mad if another writer brought Robin back to life (you know, like Jason Todd). He wasn’t too concerned, but he said he’s shutting down a lot of loopholes before he exits Batman Inc.

That wouldn’t bother me at all, if it was done well and if someone really had a good idea for it. But I don’t imagine that’s going to happen for awhile. It’s certainly not going to happen in my story. So all the people that are hoping for a happy ending for Damian can forget it.

But other writers? That kind of thing is beyond my control and beyond the scope of my story. There are always possibilities. We try to close down a lot of possibilities before I leave. So the idea of Lazarus Pits and things kind of gets raised in the next issue.

I honestly think most of us weren’t expecting Damian to come waltzing into Wayne Manor in the next couple of issues, but it sounds like he’s going to stay dead for a good long while. What do you think? Will Damian be like Uncle Ben and stay dead, or will he be more like Bucky? Yeah, I know that’s Marvel, but those are good analogies!


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