Don Cheadle On The Chances Of Seeing War Machine In Avengers 2


war machineThe one noticeable thing missing from The Avengers was JamesWar MachineRhodes. The other armored adventurer didn’t even get a mention in the big team-up film. With Joss Whedon hard at work on Avengers 2, Cheadle is going to start getting asked about the chances of having that problem rectified. One of the firsts to ask were the people over at Collider.

Cheadle was on hand to talk about Iron Man 3, but he inevitably got asked about the chances of War Machine appearing in other movies. When asked if he had been throwing ideas at Whedon to get Rhodey in on the action, the actor said:

No I have not, but I know that [there are] conversations that have been happening, so we’ll see what happens. If that’s able to happen and it makes sense for the story, I’m sure it’ll happen, and if not it’s fine. It has to work within the world and sort of the mythology of the whole Marvel universe.

When asked if he could even pop up in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cheadle joked that he thought he was going by the set and that he’d bring the suit in the car and just walk on. While that was a joke, it did seem like he was honestly saying he’d be going by the set. That’s pretty interesting. Cheadle may have a brief cameo since he is in the employment of the U.S. government and Cap 2 has been described as a “political thriller.” But I would bet that there may be a better chance with Avengers 2. Cheadle confirms that there have been “talks” and that he’d do it if it made sense in the story. What do you think? Do you hope War Machine, or his new alter ego Iron Patriot, pop up in Avengers 2 or Captain America?

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Source : Collider