Don Cheadle On What A War Machine Spin-Off Would Be About


cheadleDon Cheadle was a big part of Iron Man 2 when he took over the role of James Rhodes and put on the War Machine suit. While he was relegated to the sidelines during The Avengers, he’s back in a big way with Iron Man 3. The actor gets a brand new suit and name when he becomes the patriotic, flag-clad Iron Patriot. With Rhodey/War Machine/Iron Patriot getting even more action this time, the talks of more movie appearances or even a spin-off have reached new heights. While appearing on the Empire podcast this week, the actor talked about a potential spinoff.

RDJ and Gwyneth Paltrow‘s contracts are up with Iron Man 3. There is a lot of talk about whether or not the two will put their name on the dotted line for more appearances. Cheadle, on the other hand, is still signed on for several more Marvel films. There is the remote possibility he could do like his comic book counterpart and take over Iron Man duties for RDJ or even just branch off on his own. According to Cheadle there have been some talks about a spinoff, although it doesn’t sound like more than bouncing some ideas around. If a spin-off were to happen, the actor talked about what the potential story would look like:

When we have talked about the [War Machine] spin-off, what the departure point might be for War Machine…it might be when he goes rogue, so to speak, and takes a mission that he believes he is morally responsible for but is against policy and does it anyway. What happens when he’s out there and he’s been dishonorably discharged but he still has the suit, or Tony makes him another suit?”

And now he’s out there on his own too, but even worse than Tony, because now he’s a fugitive. Because if we wanted to do it, I think the best way to do it would be go darker, to take it and make it even more visceral. Sort of close to the first Iron Man, how it began. Really visceral and really realistic.

You can check out the rest of the podcast and their interview with Cheadle by clicking here.It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that there have at least been discussions about a spin-off with Cheadle, it’s kind of a no-brainer. Cheadle is a great actor and could more than carry a solo film. What do you think about a War Machine/Iron Patriot movie? Do you hope it’s just a spin-off or should he take over if for some reason RDJ is really done?

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Source : Empire