A DOCTOR WHO Actor Drops A Major Spoiler For THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR

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doctor who banner spoilersIf the title and the banner weren’t enough to warn you there are spoilers in this article, majorly major spoilers, then this is your final warning: WARNING! There are big ol’ spoilers in this article. Now I guess that’s out of the way. So a Doctor Who actor revealed a massive spoiler in a recent interview with the Huffington Post regarding a cameo in the 50th anniversary special The Day of The Doctor.

Speaking to HuffPo (via Bleeding Cool), Fourth Doctor Tom Baker dropped a big spoiler that will undoubtedly get him in a world of trouble. Baker said “I am in the special. I’m not supposed to tell you that, but I tell you that very willingly and specifically; the BBC told me not to tell anybody but I’m telling you straightaway.” When the site reached out to the BBC for a confirmation (yeah, right) or denial, they said “As with William Hartnell’s recent appearance in the last season finale, anything is possible in Doctor Who. But nothing is certain.

This opens up a world of possibilities. Is Tom Baker actually back in uniform for the role? Will they do something similar to the older Doctors appearance in The Name of The Doctor with Tom Baker doing some voiceover work? We’ll have to wait until Saturday to find out. Baker is a notorious fibber and leg-puller when it comes to things like this, but I don’t think he would fib about something that big. He’s come back around to Doctor Who since doing some Big Finish Audio adventures after years of being rather crotchety about the whole thing. Might we see the other classic series Doctors? Could Captain Jack Harkness even return? We don’t know anything except that Moffat is a troll. What do you think about Baker’s comments?


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Source : Huffington Post via Bleeding Cool